After decades of working with Custom Business Solutions (CBS) in a reseller capacity, QSR Automations announced that a new certification has allowed its ConnectSmart platform to integrate fully with CBS NorthStar’s POS system. This integration allows restaurants to leverage both NorthStar’s Order Entry and QSR Automations’ ConnectSmart Kitchen software to help restaurants increase their speed of service and bottom-line efficiencies. 

The ConnectSmart platform is the industry standard for kitchen automation, and leverages technology to keep kitchens calmer, customers happier, and restaurants more profitable. QSR Automations provides restaurants the ability to be flexible by integrating into a wide variety of technology partners for flawless deployment with a restaurant’s existing technology.

NorthStar Order Entry is the hospitality industry’s first native omnichannel ordering solution that delivers and integrates multiple ordering modes, including staff-facing, at the table, kiosk, online ordering and much more. Restaurant operators can log in from anywhere, anytime; update menus to single restaurants independently, or all at once; modify pricing with the click of a button, and much more. This is truly an enterprise solution. 

 ”We are thrilled to continue and deepen our longtime partnership with QSR Automations, and are delighted to offer our customers the increased efficiencies available with the integration of ConnectSmart® and NorthStar,” says Anthony Presley, CTO of Custom Business Solutions. “By partnering with QSR Automations, restaurants have even more options when it comes to leveraging technology to enhance their diners’ experience – and we have a lot more planned.” 

 A true pioneer in the kitchen automation industry, QSR Automations was founded in 1996 to meet the ever-evolving needs that restaurateurs, diners, and other employees face every day. Today, QSR’s innovative technology includes a guest management platform and consumer application and touches millions of diners each day in every corner of the globe. 

“Our relationship with CBS NorthStar has been cultivated over time, and it’s one we treasure,” says Jennifer Karpinsky, VP of Business Development for QSR Automations. “Furthering our integration capabilities to help even more operators solve their unique business problems has been a longtime goal, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.”  

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