When two innovative pieces of technology come together, the result is greater than the sum of its parts. QSR Automations, the industry leader in kitchen technology and creator of the ConnectSmart platform, and SmartBar USA, creator of Smartender automated cocktail dispenser, is one such partnership already serving thousands of diners each day across North America. 

Diners today are more discerning than ever. They want a broad selection of menu items, served efficiently, and won’t compromise on quality. These demands can put a strain on waitstaff, who may be facing other challenges as the labor shortage continues to plague restaurants. Leveraging technology is the best way to provide a positive dining experience for guests, and help servers stay calm, cool and collected. ConnectSmart® and SmartBar are one such winning combination. 

ConnectSmart offers myriad custom solutions that create calmer kitchens and a better dining experience for guests, including improved order accuracy, back-of-house efficiencies, timed deployment and much more. Similarly, the Smartender automated cocktail dispenser automatically executes even the most complicated cocktail recipes with accuracy to 1/16th of an ounce, with pouring speeds of under four seconds per cocktail.  

When an order is placed at an ordering station it is received in the back-of-house by ConnectSmart Kitchen, which then routes the cocktail or wine order to Smartender for nearly instantaneous order fulfillment. The result is greater consistency across orders, and less reliance on human labor, while diners enjoy quick, accurate service.  

The integration between ConnectSmart and SmartBar is just one example of how QSR Automations work with other technology companies to offer restaurant operators customer solutions to meet their unique needs. And because ConnectSmart integrates seamlessly with more than 70 other POS systems, operators can upgrade without needing to replace their entire tech stack.  

“The collaboration that takes place during these integrations is exciting and inspiring,” said Jennifer Karpinsky, Vice President of Business Development at QSR Automations. “Joining forces with these other innovative companies helps us create a solution for our customers that tangibly improves their guests’ experience and in turn evolves the industry. The possibilities are endless when we work together.” 

“We never set out to make a one-size-fits-all software solution,” says QSR Automations CEO Angela Leet. “Each of our customers offers a unique experience for its guests, and it’s been an honor to help bring this partnership to life.” 

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