industry headlines

Stalled Economic Growth Hurts Restaurants

2010-08-31 National Restaurant Association's Restaurant Performance Index experiences fourth consecutive decline in July.

Popeyes' 'Most Significant Marketing Push' Launches

2010-08-31 Chain rolls out advertising initiative highlighting its victory over KFC in a taste test.

All the Smiley Cookies, On One Website

2010-08-30 Eat'n Park relaunches its Smiley Cookie website, which sells cookie gift baskets.

Free Music: The Path to a Consumer's Heart?

2010-08-29 Bruegger's offers six free songs to new Facebook fans, a promotion that it hopes will both build and maintain its Facebook presence.

Turkey in the Marketplace Grows to 467 Million Pounds

2010-08-27 Some 43 percent of cooked white turkey meat was distributed to foodservice operations in 2009.

Strong Zagat Showing for Papa Murphy's

2010-08-26 Pizza chain happy to rank second in the “Top Food” and fourth in the “Top Service” categories.

Burger King Crowns the Best Big Move

2010-08-26 After five-month, 41-city national tour, company names Shane Wise of Warrensburg, Missouri, the winner.

Popeyes Announces Taste Test Victory Over KFC

2010-08-25 Chain claims that its Spicy and Mild Bonafide bone-in fried chicken was the favorite in a national taste test against KFC Original Recipe fried chicken. ...

Qdoba Warns of 'Burrito Boredom' Epidemic

2010-08-24 Chain launches "advocacy group" called Food Lovers Fighting Burrito Boredom.

EVOS Wants Chapel Hill Kids to Eat Better Lunches

2010-08-24 That's why it's offering its EVOS Healthy School Lunch Program to schools throughout the area.