In 2012 QSR magazine celebrates its fifteenth year. And what better way to do it than with leadership of the restaurant industry!

Long considered the premier magazine for the restaurant industry, in 2012 QSR continues expansion. Despite the importance of digital media, nothing quite beats a magazine for portability, accessibility, and in-depth analysis.

Consider that:

  • 78% of QSR subscribers read the magazine regularly
  • 73% rely on print for management and purchasing decisions
  • 87% consider QSR a must-read magazine
  • 84% say QSR has the most relevant information

New in 2012 are exciting features like the International QSR 50, the introduction of long-form journalism, an entire issue dedicated to demographics, and election coverage of the 2012 presidential race.

Award-winning, always relevant, and often-quoted, QSR is quite simply the Leading Magazine.

“While there are many avenues for staying abreast of the restaurant industry, QSR magazine is unique in its focus on this all-important segment. My ability to stay current with news and trends wouldn’t be the same without it.”
Don Fox
Chief Executive Officer
Firehouse of America, LLC