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  • CEO says momentum is back on the drive-in chain’s side.
    These 15 brands are vying to make the QSR 50 in the near future.

    Brands No. 51-65 are fast-rising quick-service and fast-casual companies that just missed the QSR 50.

    Sides and snacks like potato chips give restaurant menus room for growth.

    Give away the razor, make back your money on the blades. Sell the hardware cheap; make your bones back on the software or subscription plan.

    Joe Luongo is CEO of Peter Piper Pizza, based in Phoenix.

    Headlines touting a power struggle between the CEO and board of directors of a company usually garner more attention than those championing the successes of such relationships.

    Wing Zone has several menu items but specializes in chicken wings.

    The idea for Wing Zone was hatched in a fraternity house in 1991, but the first store didn’t open until two years later.

    Jake's Wayback Burgers specializes in comfort food like burgers, fries, shakes.

    One of the first things John Eucalitto and Bill Chemero learned when they partnered with Jake’s Hamburgers founder John Carter to form Jake’s Franchising LLC in 2009 was how many Jakes

    Pizza gives franchisees an opportunity to connect with college students.

    Paul Wilke and his wife, Sue, have transformed their Toppers Pizza franchise unit in Mankato, Minnesota, into a must-have meal for Millennials.

    The Small Business Administration helps fund new business owners.

    Most businesses can’t get off the ground without a little financial help, a fact that is especially true in the quick-serve industry.

    Moe's is on a mission to change the Mexican quick serve category.

    Looking at the expansion, renovation, and innovation at Moe’s Southwest Grill over the past year, it’s safe to say that this burrito-based concept is on a mission—a food mission,