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  • Leadership skills make veterans attractive candidates for franchising agreements

    David J. Thomas never planned on a career in franchising.

    Esablishing a global presence can help buffer a brand during the U.S. recession.

    When the recession hit in 2008, quick serves in the U.S.

    New flavor pods, mixers, sweeteners, and functional additives challenge the stat

    Have it your way,” the old jingle promised us. “Special orders don’t upset us.”

    Goldfish Tea brings flavor and décor from the far east to the Midwest.

    Chrysler has greatly affected life in the Detroit area over the decades, and now it has brought the Motor City a Chinese teashop—albeit indirectly.

    Customers go to T Salon for the flavor, fragrance, and healthfulness of tea.

    Because Miriam Novalle loves tea so much, there’s not a grain of sugar in her T Salon shops.

    In addition to helping conserve cash, bartering often leads to additional exposu

    Twenty years ago, Toni Foley began bartering.

    Quick serves should offer ways for guests to stay a while.

    It’s 9 p.m. on a Friday in Hillsborough, North Carolina, and the Cedar Ridge Red Wolves just won their men’s basketball game.

    Industry experts think old strategies of franchising will be replaced in 2010.

    Each year, some companies prosper and others fail, but 2009 was definitely the year that tipped the scales in franchising—and not in a good way.

    Proper training of crew members is a long-term venture.

    At some point over the course of the last half-century, the American fast-food employee became a cliché.

    Recent research from Tufts University claims that many restaurant chains inaccur

    As several big chains roll out new healthy offerings for weight-conscious consumers, a recent study found that restaurants often provide substantially inaccurate calorie count

    Admittedly, a list of the best values in the quick-service franchise arena is a catalog coated in subjectivity.

    A Chick-fil-A operator partnered with Games2U to celebrate his location's five-y

    When the Chick-fil-A in the Village at Westlake in West Lake Hills, Texas, held its fifth-anniversary celebration in December, operator Alan Williams decided to hire a compa

    Arctic weather could mean a shortage in Florida-grown fruits and vegetables.

    Freezing temperatures in Northern Florida could wipe out a large percentage of the Sunshine State’s citrus fruit, strawberry, and tomato crops, causing higher prices for

    A loyalty reward program should be simple, and should not slow down service.

    For years Brandon Ansel frequented Steak n Shake on a monthly basis. He was a regular, a loyalist in the purest sense.