Special Report | April 2011 | By Lori Zanteson

2011 Chef’s Survey

QSR asks the industry’s leaders to share insights on the segment’s hottest menu trends.

Each year QSR surveys the best and the brightest culinary professionals in the industry to find out what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to your menu. The exclusive annual Chef Survey, unveils innovative menu items that reflect the year’s newest and most exciting inspirations.

Among their insights, the chefs reveal that despite a more favorable economy, price remains top of mind for customers. With that, diners' focus on flavor and quality is back and hotter than ever. Literally. Exotic chilies and ethnic spices have never been more prevalent or enticing, and back-to-basics and healthy breakfasts are getting a fresh twist, too.

And, of course, they weigh in on social media!

Street Food
Ethnic Flair
Social Media
Back to Basics
Going Local
Kids' Meals
What's Hot



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Okay I'm cnovinecd. Let's put it to action.

Okay I'm convinced. Let's put it to actoin.


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