Special Report | April 2011 | By Lori Zanteson

2011 Chef’s Survey

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Street Food: How are street foods and food trucks influencing the quick-serve menu in 2011?

“These carts and trucks are showing how you can make high-end food portable.” Nola Krieg, Director of Research and Development,
Kahala Corp.

“Chefs are looking at street food to learn how they can bring simple, high-quality, and fresh dishes, yet ones that can still be built quickly with better execution, to a larger audience.” Ted Stoner, Director of Strategic Product Development,
Qdoba Mexican Grill

“In the coming year, I believe we will start seeing dishes like the Kogi taco, the grilled cheese hamburger, and other street food/mobile food truck menu items appearing on quick-serve menus.” Judson McLester, Executive Chef and Ingredient Sales Manager, McIlhenny Company

“I think it is expanding people’s food horizons. They are trying new foods because it is easy and a very low risk of time and money.” Stan Dorsey, Vice President, Research & Development, Executive Chef, Focus Brands

“Quick serves like Carl’s Jr, In-N-Out Burger, Burgerville, and Jack and the Box have launched mobile service with catering and street food trucks.” Marc Halperin, COO, Culinary Director, Center for Culinary Development


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