Special Report | April 2011 | By Lori Zanteson

2011 Chef’s Survey

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Ethnic Flair: Which ethnic ingredients and flavors will dominate?

“We believe Southeast Asian will continue to develop and expand, and an Americanized version of Indian cuisine will make a strong move to mainstream.” Volker Frick, Executive Chef, Kettle Cuisine

“The popularity of our Asian menu items is growing, and people are willing to step outside of their comfort zones and try more adventurous, spicy dishes like our Indonesian Peanut Sauté.” Tessa Stamper, Chef, Noodles & Co

“I think we’ll see more tortas (Mexican sandwiches) and more varieties of chilies—there are hundreds of varieties that give completely different flavors and heat.” Ted Stoner, Director of Strategic Product Development,
Qdoba Mexican Grill

“The robust combination of heat with fruit flavors, such as habanero with mango or watermelon. Spiced chocolates and specialty coffees will also add ethnic flair.” Melanie Auxer, Director of Food Science and Technology, Auntie Anne’s

“We see a lot of growth potential for Mediterranean flavors. We also see opportunities within Southern Mediterranean and North African cuisine, particularly Moroccan flavors and spices.” Chef Chris Kline, Sara Lee Foodservice



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Okay I'm convinced. Let's put it to actoin.


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