Special Report | April 2011 | By Lori Zanteson

2011 Chef’s Survey

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Back to Basics: What back-to-basics foods are nostalgic consumers craving?

“Empanadas, pasties, samosas, and nonsweet pastries are making a resurgence in the marketplace.” Steve Hodge, Senior Executive Chef, ConAgra Mills

“Our industry will see the continued development of back to basic foods, such as macaroni and cheese and oatmeal, but with a premium twist.” Melanie Auxer,
Auntie Anne’s Director of Food Science and Technology

“Sweets! Drinkable desserts, mini desserts, baked goods.” Jennifer Holwill, Director of Research & Development
for Cinnabon

“Pies. As cupcakes lose their momentum, pies are taking their place. You will start to see pie shops with new flavors (sweet and savory) and sizes popping up.” Nola Krieg, Director of R&D, CRC

“Malteds, custom-made shakes and other soda fountain classics are being revived in food-loving locales like Brooklyn.” Marc Halperin, COO, Culinary Director, Center for Culinary Development



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