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  • The QSR 50 highlights the top fast food companies in the nation.

    Food associations like the NRA offer resources and events to educate members.

    In this do-it-all-from-the-desk age made possible by all things online, it’s more important than ever to participate in organizations that allow opportunity for networking, advanced education

    Sharon Olson's month-long diet of only fast food turned up some interesting insi
    Will and waistline tested in a month-long experiment of eating only fo
    In the year 2060, 50 years from now, quick-serve concepts might have very differ

    Advertising Age recently ran a hilarious peek into the future called “The Most Influential Brands of 2090,” which you can

    Though expansion can be tough in the quick-serve restaurant market, the end resu

    One of the most important rules of expansion might not be something operators learn on the job or in any kind of training.

    The McDonald's fast-food chain knows how to keep profits up even during tough ec

    When a poster of McDonald’s Plan to Win was taken off a wall in corporate headquarters for a freshening-up, chief executive Jim Skinner personally intervened to get the strategy statement bac

    QSR asks the industry’s leading culinarians to weigh in on what’s hot and what’s

    While the old adage says there’s nothing new under the sun, the new decade brings fresh takes on traditional menu items while ethnic, vegan, and local ingredients make farther inroads into th