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    Special Reports

  • Top QSR chains promote healthy active lifestyles through nutritious food and wellness programs.
    Honoring those brands going the extra mile for health and wellness.
    These 26 women are advancing the fast-casual industry.
    Fast casual chefs explore innovative flavors in upscale but casual restaurant concepts.

    Humanely raised flank steak with a house-made au jus.

    Wood-fired, milk-braised pork with an herb sauce and Meyer lemon chutney.

    Dallas based fast casual restaurant executive steers company to value menu message.
    Why value still has a place in fast casuals, even with higher prices.

    In his quest to build Yalla Mediterranean into a recognizable national name, Dave Wolfgram acknowledges he stands at the earliest of early stages.

    Top QSR industry customer trend makers for the year include fresh vegetables.

    We’ve gazed into our crystal ball, read the stars, and turned over our Magic 8 Ball a few times, all in an attempt to divine what trends will affect the limited-service restaurant industry in

    QSR brands roll out new healthy menu items like nutritious salads.
    Brands turn their attention to “clean-label” ingredients.
    QSR brands compete for best speed and accuracy in drive through restaurant operation.

    As dayparts blur and customers increase their demand for more convenient and higher-quality food, the drive thru represents both a great opportunity and a potential pitfall for many restaurant oper

    KFC celebrated the 75th anniversary by reincarnating none other than the Colonel himself.

    The 15 brands that came just short of the QSR 50.
    Your annual guide to the industry’s 50 top-performing brands.
    The top 50 brands in quick service and fast casual.