Special Reports

The QSR 50 highlights the top fast food companies in the nation.

The top quick-serve and fast-casual brands in the nation.

Young employees are being recruited into the restaurant industry.

Are young employees still interested in quick service?

Food associations like the NRA offer resources and events to educate members.

Six groups that are worth your money and time.

Panera CEO Bill Moreton is charged with keeping up brand popularity.

The Panera CEO has spent one year at the helm of the fast-casual industry’s biggest company. His one goal? To keep the company on top.

The NRA Show in Chicago is the industry's biggest annual event.

A dynamic guide to this year’s NRA Show, complete with products you can’t miss and Chicago highlights that are perfect for post-show networking.

The leading women in the quick service industry.

Meet the women leading the biggest segment in the restaurant industry.

Fast food mascots might not be marketing success they used to be.

Are Ronald, Jack, Wendy, and the King right for marketing in the 21st century?

Seven trends will effect the way operators do business in 2011.

You can’t afford to miss these expert predictions.

Restaurants can’t afford to undermine their brand image with poor service.

Many are seeing glimmers of recovery, or even making their own opportunities.

Burgerville's composting and recycling program, which helps the company save tho

A look at how some restaurants are cutting down.

You’re fast, you’re accurate, but today’s consumers want more from your drive-th

You’re fast, you’re accurate, but today’s consumers want more from your drive-thru experience.

These are the top 50 companies shaping our industry. How does yours stack up?

Sharon Olson's month-long diet of only fast food turned up some interesting insi

Sharon Olson, president of Olson Communications, tests her will and waistline in a month-long experiment in which she only eats food from the top quick serves in the nation.

QSR magazine drive thru study

For chains looking to stay relevant into the new decade, improvements based on pricing and order verification are the most popular with consumers.

QSR magazine drive thru study

Any brand with a drive-thru operation faces the huge challenge of extending its high-quality in-store experience to an operation outside the store.

Consumers have lower expectation at the drive-thru than when they come inside a restaurant. Why not surprise them? Here are ideas turned up by QSR's consumer survey.