Special Report | May 2014 | By Marlee Murphy

2014 NRA Show Guide

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The annual NRA show gives quick service and fast casual operators helpful advice
National Restaurant Association
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NRA Education Session Schedule

Sunday, May 18

10 a.m.

Create A Healthier Plate for Your Menu

Consumers are demanding nutritious quick-service menu offerings. Learn the key to creating a healthy menu using whole grains, fruits, and vegetables while keeping your costs down. ROOM S402a

11:30 a.m.

From Fine to Fast: High-Profile Chefs Make Their Mark on Fast Casual

Restaurateurs Rick Bayless and Alfredo Sandoval discuss why the fast-casual industry has become such an attractive proposition for fine-dining restaurant operators with QSR editor Sam Oches. ROOM S404abc

Best-Practice Real Estate Disciplines to Realize Your Development Potential

Industry leaders offer practices necessary to fully develop your brand’s or territory’s potential in today’s competitive quick-service market. The discussion includes real estate modeling, broker knowledge, and post-opening review disciplines. ROOM S404d

1:30 p.m.

Eataly: The Green Balancing Act

The Eataly team discusses the importance of sustaining green business practices and the challenges that accompany that commitment. Learn about the LEED certification process, importing versus local sourcing, and reducing your carbon footprint. ROOM S403

Secrets to Winning Mom … and Her Family’s Spending Money

More than 80 percent of families say mom controls most of the money, especially when it comes to food. Learn how to win her over with important strategies including kids’ menus, new food trends, and portion sizes. ROOM S402b

2 p.m.

The In-Store Experience

Studies show new technology drives sales at quick serves and fast casuals. Hear how touch screens, reservation and waiting systems, table-side ordering and payment systems, reality apps, and other new tools can give your business a boost. BOOTH 5575

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