Special Report | May 2014 | By Marlee Murphy

2014 NRA Show Guide

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The annual NRA show gives quick service and fast casual operators helpful advice
National Restaurant Association
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NRA Education Session Schedule

Monday, May 19

10 a.m.

When Marketing Met Technology

It’s a new era for marketing operations, one driven primarily by technology. Learn how to integrate new technology into your core marketing functions. BOOTH 5575

11:30 a.m.

Implementing the Health-Care Law in Your Restaurant Operation

Whether or not you’re covered by the employer mandate, your restaurant is covered by the 2010 health-care law. NRA experts share the latest information that employers under the law should know, from new rules to employee questions and more. ROOM S402a

How to Franchise Your Restaurant to Others

Franchising your concept to new restaurateurs can be a long, complex, and highly regulated process. Learn how to begin and what the step-by-step franchising process looks like. Walk away with tips, best practices, and strategies to streamline the franchise transaction. ROOM S404d

1:30 p.m.

Attracting Athlete Investors to Your Restaurant or Franchise

As investors go, professional athletes are a great fit for quick-service and fast-casual franchises. Hear from former pros on what attracted them to their specific brands, along with strategies to land your own athlete franchisees. ROOM S404d

3 p.m.

Food Safety: Everyone’s Job

Few things are more damaging to a restaurant’s reputation than a disparaging review based on food-safety violations, much less a foodborne illness outbreak or severe allergic reaction. Learn how to reduce your risk. ROOM S402b

Menus 2014: Turning Trends Into Money Makers

Get timely updates on major trends, best-in-class menus, changing consumer demands, and more. Learn which trends are sizzling, which fads are fizzling, and how to create menu items that score with consumers. ROOM S404abc

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