Special Report | May 2014 | By Marlee Murphy

2014 NRA Show Guide

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The annual NRA show gives quick service and fast casual operators helpful advice
National Restaurant Association
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NRA Education Session Schedule

Tuesday, May 20

10 a.m.

Post-Millennial Apocalypse? Understanding Generation Connect (Gen C)

Join Arby’s and Orange Leaf Yogurt executives as they define Generation Connect (ages 18 and younger) in terms of size and spending potential, as well as values and beliefs driving purchase behaviors and communications. ROOM S402b

11:30 a.m.

What I Should Know Before I Become a First-Time Restaurant Franchisee or Expand My Existing Network

Jersey Mike’s Subs COO informs attendees of recent changes in the franchise system and discusses how these changes are impacting your franchise operations. ROOM S404d

1 p.m.

Waste Not, Want Not: Solutions for Preventing and Reducing Food Waste

Managing food waste isn’t just about keeping it out of the landfill, but preventing it in the first place. This panel explores food-waste reduction techniques and presents some of the best practices in food-waste reduction. ROOM S403

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