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    2014 NRA Show Guide

  • Everything you need to know to prepare for the industry’s biggest event.

    National Restaurant Association


    Food News Media at the NRA Show

    Our coverage of this year’s NRA Show doesn’t stop with this Guide. Swing by the Food News Media booth, No. 5338, to meet members of the QSR and Food News Media team. And don’t miss our trio of informative panels designed to keep you at the forefront of the most recent, exciting trends in the restaurant industry.

    Saturday, May 17

    11:30 a.m.

    Chefs Changing the World

    Panelists: Mindy Segal, chef

    FSR magazine editor Connie Gentry talks to restaurateurs about the many ways food impacts society and the opportunities chefs have to enact positive change on a global scale. Chefs like Think Food Group’s José Andrés are working to change the world, from missions to feed the hungry to supply chain engagement and to the inclusion of healthier foods in gourmet menus. Learn how you can become involved in the movement, all while enhancing both personal satisfaction and profit.

    Sunday, May 18

    11:30 a.m.

    From Fine to Fast: High-Profile Chefs Make Their Mark on Fast Casual

    Panelists: Rick Bayless, chef; Alfredo Sandoval, partner, Mercadito Hospitality; Jeremy Barlow, founder, Sloco

    The fast-casual restaurant industry has exploded as customers increasingly demand high-quality foods at cheaper price points. The segment’s popularity is even luring fine-dining and celebrity chefs with the promise of commercializing better foods and sourcing practices. QSR editor Sam Oches talks to restaurateurs about how this new wave of high-profile chefs is redefining what is possible in a limited-service setting.

    Sunday, May 18

    12:30 p.m.

    How to Take Your Craft Program From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Wine, Spirits, and Beer

    Panelists: Paul Tanguay, partner, Mercadito Hospitality; Steve McDonagh, mixologist,The Hearty Boys; Maeve Webster, senior director, Datassential

    Join Food News Media associate publisher Greg Sanders as he and a panel of experts discuss one of the top trends in beverages: “craft.” Craft beer, of course, is well known across the U.S., but craft cocktails and craft sodas are also beginning to make their mark. This session examines the trend through data and real-world success stories to help you understand how you can make “craft” work for you.

    “Walk the Floor” with Food News Media!

    In conjunction with Food News Media’s Healthy, Active Lifestyle campaign and our upcoming HALO Awards, put your best foot forward by participating in our contest during the 2014 NRA Show. While on the floor, be sure to stop by the Food News Media booth, No. 5338, to pick up one of our “Walk the Floor” pedometers and track the number of steps you take in the course of the Show.

    How many steps will you take? Tweet your experience and number of steps to @HALO4CHANGE, along with the hashtag #walkthefloor, to see how you stack up against other NRA attendees. The participant with the most steps over the course of the show will win a Fitbit or Vivobit. Whether motivated by our healthy lifestyle theme or competitive spirit (or maybe by those extra calories put on by delicious Chicago dining!), we welcome your involvement.

    The “Walk the Floor” campaign demonstrates Food News Media’s continued commitment to promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles. This campaign is part of a much larger initiative called the HALO Awards, which promote a Healthy, Active Lifestyle Objective. For years, Food News Media has covered the restaurant industry’s achievements in this area in the pages of QSR and FSR magazines. In 2014, we decided to formalize this coverage with the HALO Awards, which will honor restaurant chains making genuinely positive contributions, through both menu and messaging, to a Healthy, Active Lifestyle for consumers.