Wendy’s has long been the king of drive-thru speed, and that’s no different this year; once again, the burger chain ranked way ahead of the field in speed of service, clocking in with an average 169-second service time.

Michael Gist, vice president of restaurant services at Wendy’s, says the fast service is the result of the company tirelessly tracking line times and optimizing the layout of the kitchens. In addition, he says, Wendy’s is frequently ensuring that restaurants have the “right equipment in place, order accessories stocked, and great team members staffed at the window.”

“Historically, our brand has embraced the use of systems and tools to streamline efficiency in all of our crew positions,” he says. “Customers visit the drive thru due to its convenience, so we strive to meet that expectation every day, every customer.”

Wendy’s isn’t settling for being the best when it comes to speed of service; Gist says the company is exploring new technologies such as mobile applications to further streamline the drive-thru operation.

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