Special Reports

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All of the numbers and insights you need to know about the best drive-thru operations in the U.S.

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The thriving chain reinforces a culture built around speed by recognizing great performers and measuring actual throughput.

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Excellent execution is the foundation for each and every restaurant’s success.

A McDonald's restaurant is seen with its drive thru. The restaurant is hoping to add recycling at all locations.

The fast food giant is leveraging the latest digital technology to enhance its drive-thru performance.

To ensure accuracy, each Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. cashier confirms the order verbally to customers.

Reaching 30 is no small feat, but Back Yard Burgers has hit the milestone with renewed energy—and a fresh infusion of capital, to boot.

Fifty brands rise above the rest in the $234 billion limited-service restaurant industry.

These brands should get a look the next time you’re considering a franchise.

Guests are demanding more complex and creative menu items than ever before. It's up to the operator to deliver them.

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