Special Report | May 2011 | By Mary Avant

Making the Most of NRA 2011

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2011 Kitchen Innovations Awards

Camduction Complete Heat System

Manufacturer: Cambro Manufacturing

This hot-meal delivery system charges 20 heat retention bases in one unit and promises reliable temperature holding for 60 minutes.

CORE Protection Fire System

Manufacturer: CaptiveAire Systems Inc.

The fire-suppression system includes real-time monitoring, supervision, and communication of operational status and specific fault conditions.

Mini 2in1 Combi Oven

Manufacturer: Cleveland Range LLC

The oven-steamer comes with two independent cooking chambers and requires limited space, allowing simultaneous food preparation.

Coca-Cola Freestyle

Manufacturer: The Coca-Cola Company

This self-serve fountain dispenser features more than 100 beverages, and takes the same amount of space as an eight-valve machine.

Hot Cube 3

Manufacturer: Cres Cor

The tri-powered hybrid hot cabinet uses 120V indoors and converts to propane heat for eight hours outdoors.

Apex Conveyor Dishmachine

Manufacturer: Ecolab

Apex Conveyor is designed for spotless ware results using half the utilities. The dishmachine also cleans and delimes itself automatically.

Ecolab Cleaning Caddy

Manufacturer: Ecolab

This restroom-cleaning caddy, complete with chemical dispenser, spray wand, on-board wet vac, and rechargeable battery, is the size of a mop and bucket.

EcoVent Exhaust Air Cleaner

Manufacturer: Franke Foodservice Systems

The first cooking exhaust cleaner to introduce grease- and odor-reducing effects of UV light in the airstream, reducing the need for filters and daily cleaning.

Jet Extraction System

Manufacturer: Halton Company

An extraction-exhaust system that uses a cyclonic aspirating hood to provide quiet cooking.

Proximity Heat Reclaim Hood

Manufacturer: Halton Company

This reclaim hood captures the highest clean combustion heat from a gas appliance, supplies hot water, and reduces energy consumption.

PriMelt Oil Melter

Manufacturer: Henny Penny

PriMelt is an on-board oil melter that converts semisolid oils to a clear liquid and maintains it for replenishment, without hot splash.

Advansys CLER Energy Recovery

Manufacturer: Hobart Corporation

The conveyor-type warewasher captures heat from exhaust air to preheat inlet water for energy savings.

Indigo Series Ice Machine

Manufacturer: Manitowoc Ice

Operators can program ice production and monitor ice clarity and machine maintenance, as well as energy and water usage.

M-iQ Flight-Type Dishwasher

Manufacturer: MEIKO, USA

The M-iQ includes a filtration system that removes food waste from the wash water and features a filtration process that collects food soil and flushes it out in high-pressure cycles.

Dragon Fire Thermo Recovery Filter

Manufacturer: National Hot Water

A device that replaces grease filters in vent hoods and combines a heat exchanger with a grease filter to convert heat exhaust into energy.

Produce Soak with Advanced Washing Technology

Manufacturer: Power Soak Systems Inc.

Free-flowing water moves soil from hard-to-reach areas. Advanced Washing Inserts and Flexible Tank Dividers create rotating motions for thorough washing and sanitation.

Pro-Max Two Sided Grill with Pro-Lift Hinge System

Manufacturer: Star Manufacturing

This Pro-Max Grill uses a hinge system that transfers loads to compression springs for improved multifood grilling capabilities.


Manufacturer: STOVESHOES LLC

A cost-effective alternative to wheels or casters, these are nonbreakable, chemical resistant, and low friction, making sliding kitchen equipment easy.

Kwik Clean 3 Pre-Rinse Spray Nozzle

Manufacturer: Strahman Valves Inc.

The three-tip nozzle allows for quick spray pattern changes. Its high-efficiency design reduces energy and wastewater costs while lowering CO2 emissions.

VISION Underbar Furniture

Manufacturer: Supreme Metal Inc.

A line of underbar furniture that features interchangeable and customizable finishes, hardware, fixtures, storage options, and installation configurations.

The Quiet One

Manufacturer: Vitamix Corporation

The quietest commercial blender available, providing sound reduction through its exclusive door-seal design.

Universal Ventless Hoods

Manufacturer: Wells Manufacturing

With the flexibility to mix and match various electric cooking equipment and an innovative air path with a four-stage filtration system, these hoods capture more effluents with 34 percent less air flow and 30 percent less noise.