Special Report | August 2014

The QSR 50

The top 50 brands in quick service and fast casual.
Biggest quick service restaurant brands build unit counts and system wide sales.
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The quick-service restaurant industry continues to evolve, and that’s no more evident than in the QSR 50. Last year, Panera Bread inched closer to the top 10, while fellow fast casual Chipotle padded its sales by nearly half a billion dollars to climb to spot No. 15. Chick-fil-A put more space between it and competitor KFC, while Starbucks used a product diversification strategy to gain ground on No. 2 brand Subway. Meanwhile, McAlister’s Deli entered the top 50 for the first time, Zaxby’s crossed the billion-dollar threshold, and McDonald’s struggled to find consistency as the growing demand for premium products threatened to steal market share. Dig deep into the data driving the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant industries with this year’s QSR 50.

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RankCompany/Chain Name2013 U.S. Systemwide Sales (Millions)2013 U.S. Average Sales per Unit (thousands)Number of Franchised Units in 2013Number of Company Units in 2013Total Units in 2013sort ascendingTotal Change in Units from 2012
42Jason's Deli$588.0$2,399.81061422486
34Krispy Kreme *$626.0$2,565.01559424910
44In-N-Out Burger *$558.2$1,955.0029129111
50McAlister's Deli$459.0$1,511.4275463219
36White Castle$612.4$1,268.20400400-6
37El Pollo Loco *$604.0$1,500.02371654025
39Boston Market$600.9$1,298.004604609
29Steak 'n Shake$895.0$1,750.010341551822
49Captain D's *$477.5$920.02432785214
48Moe's Southwest Grill$498.2$1,007.0524452845
35Del Taco$622.5$1,136.3247300547-4
45Wingstop *$540.2$974.05692459360
40Qdoba Mexican Grill$592.6$1,017.0317296613-12
47Jamba Juice$500.0$737.053526880329
43Einstein Bros. Bagels 2$573.0$895.039245985154
41Tim Hortons *$589.5$1,125.0857285955
33Long John Silver's$663.0$745.08900890-21
25Five Guys Burgers & Fries *$1,138.2$1,027.08053151,12060
30Church's Chicken$855.4$713.79462581,204-4
31Papa Murphy's *$779.7$577.01,327691,39667
38Quiznos *$601.0$360.01,40041,404-531
22Panda Express $1,989.9$1,285.0601,5261,58672
15Chipotle Mexican Grill *$3,169.0$2,169.001,5951,595185
11Panera Bread$4,284.0$2,465.09108671,777125
24Jimmy John's$1,466.7$878.81,774281,802242
21Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen$2,179.7$1,298.02,172532,225126
16Jack in the Box 1$3,108.5$1,380.91,7864652,2511
46Baskin-Robbins 1$513.0$207.92,46072,4674
14Carl's Jr./Hardee's$3,400.0$1,310.01,9648942,85831
20Papa John's$2,494.8$837.02,5426653,20776
12 (tie)Sonic Drive-In$3,800.0$1,109.03,1263963,522-34
18Little Caesars *$3,025.0$800.03,3105803,890217
19Dairy Queen *$2,985.0$659.04,52734,530-2
12 (tie)Domino's Pizza$3,800.0$762.14,5963904,98658
6Taco Bell$7,800.0$1,406.04,8788915,76974
4Wendy's *$8,787.0$1,510.04,7451,0465,791-26
5Burger King *$8,502.5$1,200.07,103527,155-28
7Dunkin' Donuts$6,700.0$872.77,648297,677371
8Pizza Hut$5,700.0$861.07,3554917,84690
3Starbucks *$11,723.0$1,310.04,4087,04911,457329
2Subway *$12,735.0$490.026,427026,427878
*Includes figures estimated by Technomic Inc. 1Includes figures estimated by QSR 2Franchised unit count includes licensed units