Franchising has been the path to success for countless American foodservice entrepreneurs. But the decision process for finding your dream brand is harder than it’s ever been, with more emerging brands, fast casuals, and once-corporate-only chains diving into the franchise game.

For the last nine years, QSR has published the Best Franchise Deals report as a way for you to sort through the clutter and land on the perfect brand fit. And while we’ve had various methodologies for selecting those companies in the past—primarily weighing return on investment, franchise incentives, and unique brand attributes—this year we’ve stepped up our game with a Franchise Council, made up of five franchise experts who’ve built careers in the industry and know a good deal when they see one.

The council members, who participated anonymously, pored over a near-record number of submissions. They evaluated key financials, franchisor support, and brand elements; reviewed Franchise Disclosure Documents; and provided valuable feedback on the path to a final list.

The result? A 2019 Best Franchise Deals list that features a diverse mix of established names, as well as up-and-coming players cutting across the U.S. limited-service restaurant industry.

Check out the nine Best Franchise Deals for 2019.

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