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    Your Essential NRA Show Guide

  • Navigating a show with 58,000 industry professionals and 1,800 exhibitors can be tough. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

    Kitchen Innovations Award Winners!

    An independent panel of expert judges comprised of internationally recognized food facilities consultants, multiunit executives, and design experts selected KI Award recipients for significant innovations that improve quality, productivity, service, and sustainability. See the equipment in action at Booth 2440!

    Combitherm Automatic Grease Collection System

    Alto-Shaam Inc.

    This new system is electronically activated during cooking to separate grease from water.

    Optimax Compact - Automatic Batter-Breading Machine

    Bettcher Industries Inc.

    The compact Optimax batters and breads fresh food items individually and is ideal for locally sourced meats, seafood, and produce.

    SinAqua Waterless Food Holding System

    CookTek Induction Systems LLC

    SinAqua induction warming replaces steam or dry holding with consistent temperature control through infrared radiant heat and LED lighting.

    ActiveView HDI - Health Department Intelligence

    Ecolab Inc.

    ActiveView HDI gathers data directly from the local health department inspections, standardizes against U.S. Food Code, and delivers online customized reports and alerts.

    STEALTH Fly Station

    Ecolab Inc.

    This wall-hang works effectively during daylight hours to attract and eliminate flies.

    Ice Machine Sanitizing Device

    Franke Foodservice Systems Inc.

    This attaches to ice machines and prevents bacteria build-up, reducing costly maintenance.

    Fresh Cooking Oil Box System

    Frontline International

    Frontline racks orient fresh oil boxes upside-down, connected to a pump station, and fills fryers either automatically or by dispensing wand.

    Large Vat Fryers (1814 G/E )


    Frymaster’s new large vat design maintains high production capability while using 15 percent less oil and reducing energy consumption.

    Garland Induction Griddle

    Garland Commercial Ranges

    A patented six-point real-time temperature sensing and unique power management system enables this griddle to achieve almost-instantaneous recovery and even heat.

    OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac system

    Kaivac Inc.

    OmniFlex dispenses fresh cleaning solution to the kitchen floor and then thoroughly removes all liquids, soils, and contaminants with its wet/dry vacuum and brush head.

    Bolt On Kitchens

    Kitchens to Go by Carlin Manufacturing

    Unlike temporary solutions, the KTG Bolt On is a customized pre-constructed, code-compliant kitchen that’s permanently affixed to a building.

    Lang GHP Series Featuring “On Demand Burners”

    Lang Mfg.

    This first gas-fired countertop range with on-demand burners features a lever-actuated gas valve that will go from idle to full when the pot or pan rests on the grate surface.

    Planar Plume Technology

    Merrychef USA

    This new technology creates even sheets of air in rapid cook ovens which delivers quicker heat transfer, less microwave destruction, and increased energy efficiency.

    Silent Alert

    Power Soak Systems Inc.

    This alert system lights a floor or ceiling with color-coded light patterns. The system is language-neutral and effectively gets the attention of the staff to deliver important messages.



    The patented HiDensityControl senses where energy is needed and controls fan direction and speed to achieve high and even energy density.

    Vision Enabled Training

    Sealed Air

    Small Web cameras and special software help restaurants observe exceptions to required practices like hand hygiene.

    The BioPro EX

    Springboard Biodiesel LLC

    This appliance converts used cooking oil into cleaner-burning, premium-grade biodiesel fuel.

    Automatic Mix’n Machine


    The new Automatic Mix’n Machine is a hands-free, fully programmable mixer that incorporates candies, syrups, cookies, and hard-to-mix ingredients into soft serve ice cream or yogurt.

    VTEC - Infrared Charbroiler


    More than 50 percent of the burner’s infrared energy is generated in longer wavelengths optimal for cooking, using less gas, and greatly reducing flare-ups.

    HDW-2 Water Saving Heated Disher Well

    Wells Manufacturing

    The HDW-2 holds food-serving utensils at bacteria- and allergen-free temperatures while conserving up to 18 gallons of water per hour.

    Spin Zester

    ZipZester LLC

    The patent-pending blade designs and tension mechanisms allow chefs to safely produce the highest quality zest in a matter of seconds.

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