Lenten season is upon us, and, as always, quick-service operators around the industry are gearing up with menu offerings to satisfy the demand.

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Golden Chick’s Southern Fried Catfish Combo

Every year surrounding Lent, Golden Chick brings back its Southern Fried Catfish Combo, an alternative for those opting out of eating meat. The catfish combo includes 2 pieces of catfish, fries, cole slaw, a famous Golden Chick yeast roll, and a 20-ounce drink for $7.99. The combo is back on the menu starting March 4.

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Rapid Fired Pizza Shrimp Alfredo

The Shrimp Alfredo Pizza is back at Rapid Fired Pizza. Shrimp is a great option for those who are giving up meat for Lent, the observance between Ash Wednesday and Easter.

“Lent is important to many people, so we wanted to make sure there were options that please our customers from all walks of life,” says co-founder Ray Wiley.

The Shrimp Alfredo Pizza is typically served on a thin crust with white alfredo sauce, mozzarella, sun dried, tomatoes, shrimp, and a drizzle of pesto. This pizza is sure to please with a base of garlic butter and spinach followed by parmesan cheese and shrimp. Salt and crushed red pepper finish off this masterpiece for a flavorful treat. 

In addition to the Shrimp Alfredo option, Rapid Fired is adding Shrimp Scampi as a limited time offer. Both shrimp dishes can be served as a pasta dish as well.

“Our customers really enjoy the shrimp as an option on a custom-made pizza also. In addition to the pan and thin crust, many customers enjoy our gluten free crust and our No-Doh pizza which is also gluten free. Constant research and development to improve the ingredients and baking process is a way of life at Rapid Fired Pizza as we strive to provide excellent food for our customers,” Wiley says.

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Lobster and Seafood Subs at Quiznos

Quiznos is bringing back two crowd favorites to its limited time offer lineup, this year with a tasty new addition. The Chipotle Lobster and Seafood sub will join the Classic Lobster and Seafood and Scampi Bake subs on Quiznos menus from March 5 through June 4.

“We wanted to put a fresh spin on an LTO we know our guests anticipate and crave each year,” says Sheila Zimmerman, director of Marketing. “So, we added the Chipotle recipe after it rose to the top tested the best among focus groups, and added special deals throughout the LTO to keep loyal and new guests alike excited about these menu offerings.”

The Quiznos Lobster and Seafood lineup starts with North Atlantic lobster and Alaskan whitefish from King & Prince Seafood, a leader in sourcing sustainable seafood:

  • Chipotle Lobster & Seafood Sub: this new addition spices up the flavor profile of the Classic, with Lobster & Seafood Salad Mix, chipotle mayo and shredded lettuce, served on butter-toasted artisan bread and a lemon wedge garnish. Average retail prices: four-inch $5.45, eight-inch $7.45, 12-inch $9.45.
  • Lobster & Seafood Scampi Bake: inspired by the traditional Italian scampi dish, this hot and toasted sub features garlic-baked lobster and seafood, melted mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms and onions, and tomatoes and garlic aioli served on Quiznos’ artisan bread with a lemon wedge garnish. Average retail prices: four-inch $5.45, eight-inch $7.45 and 12-inch $9.45.
  • Lobster & Seafood Classic Sub: similar to a New England-style lobster roll, the Classic is prepared with cool lobster and seafood salad mix with crisp, shredded lettuce on Quiznos butter-toasted artisan bread and a lemon wedge garnish. Average retail prices: four-inch $5.25, eight-inch $7.25 and 12-inch $9.25.
  • Lobster & Seafood Fresh Salad: for a lighter option, the Salad is cool lobster and seafood salad mix on a bed of crisp lettuce and a lemon wedge. Try it with a Chipotle drizzle. Half Seafood Salad is $5.45 and full Seafood Salad is $7.45. You can also enjoy any of our subs as a salad.

Also kicking off on March 5 is a special offer through the Quiznos Toasty Points loyalty app, where guests can earn double points on all Lobster and Seafood items any Friday-Sunday through April 30. Guests can also snag free chips and a drink with any eight-inch or 12-inch sub or full salad purchase with a coupon through April 30.

How does Lobster Mania sound? From March 18-24, guests can receive an eight-inch sub of any Lobster and Seafood recipe for only $3 with the purchase of any item.

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Farm Burger Catfish Sandwich

Farm Burger’s newest menu item, the Catfish Sandwich, was created with an invasive species of catfish causing ecological issues in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay. The Catfish Sandwich will be available at all Farm Burger locations (excluding the Mercedes-Benz Stadium) starting March 5, just in time for the Lenten season.

The sandwich features crispy Blue Catfish topped with FB slaw and housemade pickled jalapeños, served with a side of Old Bay fries. In keeping with Farm Burger’s progressive and sustainable sourcing model, the Catfish Sandwich supports the aquatic ecosystem by helping to reduce the invasive population.

Blue Catfish were introduced to the Chesapeake Bay region in the 1970’s and are now considered an invasive species. With long lifespans and few natural predators, Blue Catfish threaten the native populations of menhaden fish, blue crabs and other species that are important to the region’s ecosystem and economy.

“We had been looking for a way to incorporate sustainable seafood onto the menu for a while, knowing that much of the seafood served in restaurants is endangered,” says Jason Mann, co-founder and CEO of Farm Burger. “At Farm Burger, our goal is always to do right by people and planet. If this offering can spark a conversation among people who may not be aware of this environmental issue, that’s positive momentum in my opinion.”

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Church’s Chicken Seafood Platters

Just in time for the Lenten season, seafood is back at Church’s Chicken. The $5 Pick-Your-Platter promotion is back for a limited time, featuring fan-favorite butterfly shrimp with an all-new flavor twist—rich, savory Garlic Butter

“In addition to our signature chicken, guests welcome Church’s longstanding tradition of serving seasonal seafood,” says Jennifer Chasteen, vice president of brand strategy & activation for Church’s. “We’re excited to bring back some of our most popular dishes and introduce bold flavor innovation in our new Garlic Butter Shrimp.”

Guests can choose from a trio of abundant, freshly-prepared seafood platters, each served with fries, coleslaw and topped off with a scratch-made Honey-Butter Biscuit–all for just $5.

  • New Garlic Butter Shrimp Platter – 8 pieces of tender, marinated, butterfly shrimp, fried up golden brown and finished with the perfect blend of savory garlic butter seasoning
  • Shrimp ‘n’ Tenders Platter – 4 pieces of butterfly shrimp and 2 all-white-meat chicken tenders
  • Crispy Fish Platter – 2 flaky white fish fillets

In addition, a $20 Crispy Fish Fry family meal will also be available, featuring 8 Crispy Fish fillets, 3 large sides, and 6 Honey-Butter Biscuits.

“With three hearty $5 seafood platters to choose from, plus a complete seafood meal the whole family can enjoy, there’s more than enough variety and flavor to go around for every appetite and budget this season,” adds Chasteen.

Church’s new seafood meals will be available starting Monday, February 25 at participating restaurants, while supplies last.

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Dairy Queen’s Wild Alaskan Fish Sandwich

Dairy Queen’s Wild Alaskan Fish Sandwich is back for the upcoming 2019 Lenten season. Lent, which begins on March 6, 2019 and ends on April 18, 2019, is a time when many people replace meat with seafood.

This LTO will be featured from February 25, 2019 through March 19, 2019.

The new sandwich features a crispy, breaded Wild Alaskan pollock filet on a toasted bun with lettuce and tangy tartar sauce, served with fries.

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The Return of White Castle’s Seafood Sliders

White Castle also announced the return of the Seafood Crab Cake Slider and Shrimp Nibblers, available at most White Castle restaurants for a limited time beginning February 25.

The Seafood Crab Cake Slider and Shrimp Nibblers have once again landed on White Castle’s menu, just in time for the Lenten season. The Seafood Crab Cake Slider is topped with a zesty creole sauce and served on White Castle’s signature bun. The Craver-favorite Shrimp Nibblers feature mouthwatering butterfly shrimp, cooked to perfection and served with the customer’s choice of cocktail, ranch, tartar or zesty zing dipping sauces. The limited-time seafood catch adds to an everyday lineup that includes Fish Sliders and Fish Nibblers, both made with wild Alaska pollock. Clam Strips are also available in select regions.

“We pride ourselves in offering a variety of slider options for all taste buds and the return of the limited-time Seafood Crab Cake Slider and Shrimp Nibblers is sure to make waves with fans of all ages,” Richardson adds.

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Bojangles’ BoAngler Sandwich

It’s more than a catchy name. Bojangles’ BojAngler fish sandwich returns to participating locations across the Southeast for a limited time.

The magic begins with a premium, wild-caught Alaskan Pollock filet, sprinkled (on both sides, mind you) with our own Cajun-inspired seasoning blend. The filet is served with a slice of American cheese and a dollop of creamy tartar sauce, all between a toasted, buttered bun. It’s true: your favorite spot for Southern-inspired chicken, made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuits and all-day breakfast makes an amazing fish sandwich with that unmistakable Bojangles’ flavor.

“After a few short years, the BojAngler has quickly become one of our most anticipated limited time offerings,” says Randy Poindexter, senior vice president of marketing for Bojangles’. “It’s a one-of-a-kind, flavorful product that is guaranteed to hook you the first time.”

For those with a serious appetite, give our BojAngler dinner platter a try. This hearty meal features two BojAngler filets, two home-style fixin’s, a made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuit, side of tartar sauce, and a 22-ounce Legendary Iced Tea or beverage of your choosing.

Caught yourself a BojAngler? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @Bojangles1977.

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Long John Silver’s New Thick Cut Fish Fillets

Long John Silver’s is celebrating its 50th anniversary by giving its fans more of what they love—great tasting fish. This Lenten season, guests can enjoy more fish in every bite with the new Thick Cut Alaska White Fish Basket and the Thick Cut Alaska White Fish Sandwich Combo at Long John Silver’s. 

“We are always looking for new ways to surprise and delight our guests; many of whom are loyal fans of the golden fried fish that’s made us famous for 50 years,” says vice president of marketing and culinary innovation, Stephanie Mattingly. “What could be better than our golden fried Alaska White Fish? Our new golden fried Thick Cut Alaska White Fish that’s 50 percent thicker so that you get more delicious, flaky fish in every bite.”

The new Thick Cut White Fish Basket will include two pieces of Thick Cut Alaska White Fish, your choice of a side, and two signature hushpuppies for $5.99. The Thick-Cut White Fish Sandwich Combo will include a Thick Cut Alaska White Fish Sandwich, served with pickles and Long John Silver’s signature tartar sauce, as well as your choice of a side and a 20-ounce drink for $5.99. Both offers are available for a limited time only at participating locations.

Long John Silver’s is planning several initiatives in 2019 to celebrate 50 years of bringing a unique seafood experience from the coast to guests everywhere. 

“Our company is reaching a major milestone this year as we celebrate our 50th anniversary in August,” says James O’Reilly, CEO of Long John Silver’s. “From 1969 to 2019, Long John Silver’s has continued growing and evolving to meet our guests desires and we can’t wait to commemorate this special year with all of our guests.”

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Chipotle’s New Plant-Powered Bowls

Chipotle added new “Plant-Powered” Lifestyle Bowl options, which include a new preconfigured organic plant-based protein “Vegan” bowl as well as a “Vegetarian” bowl that includes guacamole. Plant-Powered bowls are the first extensions in the brand’s Lifestyle Bowl offering, which launched earlier this year with Keto, Paleo, Whole30 and double protein diet-approved menu options.

Whether following a vegetarian, flexitarian, or vegan diet or just looking to make healthier choices, Chipotle’s customizable menu allows customers to select the items that best fit their needs. In 2014, Chipotle was an early entrant into the plant-based conversation, introducing its delicious, vegan protein option, Sofritas. Only a few years later, 7.5 million pounds of Sofritas were cooked up in 2018 alone. Made from certified organic soybeans grown domestically, the protein is then shredded and smothered in a blend of spices including poblano pepper, cumin and of course, chipotle chile, creating a delicious alternative to traditional meat without skimping on flavor.

“We’ve found that many people are increasingly looking for plant-based protein options, so we wanted to make it easy for our customers with digital shortcuts for these bowls,” says Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer of Chipotle. “Since introducing Sofritas five years ago, Chipotle has provided flavorful options for every lifestyle, while simultaneously doing something good for the planet.”

Hodo Foods, Chipotle’s soybean supplier, is also committed to food with integrity as the company partners with farmers in the Midwestern U.S. to buy non-GMO, organic soybeans that results in the highest quality plant-protein. “Chipotle’s founder first tasted our organic product in a California farmers market and together we collaborated to perfect Chipotle’s beloved Sofritas recipe incorporating fresh, delicious ingredients,” said Minh Tsai, founder of Hodo Foods.

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Noodles & Company’s Deals for Lent

Both dishes will be $2 off on Fridays during Lent, from March 15 to April 19. Whether the goal is to find a family-friendly Lenten option or to find a light, protein-rich option to hit those New Year’s resolutions, both dishes incorporate a variety of delightful ingredients:

  • Zucchini Shrimp Scampi: Zucchini noodles with shrimp in a light scampi sauce with roasted zucchini and Roma tomatoes, topped with Parmesan cheese, parsley, and fresh lemon. Zoodles, which the company added to its menu in May, are full of vitamin C and potassium and have 90 percent fewer carbs and calories than a serving of elbow noodles.
  • Penne Rosa with Shrimp: Penne noodles in spicy tomato cream sauce with shrimp, mushrooms, Roma tomato, spinach and Parmesan cheese. This revitalized favorite is perfect for those seeking a heartier option with a bit of a kick.
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Del Taco’s Seafood Tacos

Del Taco is diving back into seafood season with a variety of menu items that are sure to have fans hooked. For a limited time, guests can enjoy two of Del Taco’s year-round favorite, Beer Battered Fish Tacos, made with hand-cut, sustainable, wild-caught Alaska Pollock in a crispy beer batter, for just $4.

Del Taco is also bringing back its popular crispy Jumbo Shrimp for a limited time. 

“Our guests already love Del Taco’s Beer Battered Fish Tacos, and each year, look forward to the return of our crispy Jumbo Shrimp tacos and burritos,” says Barry Westrum, Del Taco’s chief marketing officer. “Seafood fans come to Del Taco because they know that they can get a variety of freshly-prepared, premium and delicious seafood items at an unbeatable value, and served at the speed of our drive-thru.”

Del Taco’s Beer Battered Fish Tacos are topped with crunchy shredded cabbage, Del Taco’s secret sauce and handmade pico de gallo, all wrapped in two warm corn tortillas and served with a fresh-cut lime wedge.

The returning crispy Jumbo Shrimp will be offered in the following products:

  • Jumbo Shrimp Taco: Crispy Jumbo Shrimp topped with Del Taco’s secret sauce, crunchy shredded cabbage and handmade pico de gallo wrapped in a warm flour tortilla and served with a fresh-cut lime wedge
  • Jumbo Shrimp Burrito: Crispy Jumbo Shrimp, fresca lime rice, crunchy shredded cabbage, Del Taco’s secret sauce and handmade pico de gallo, all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla
  • Epic Surf & Turf Burrito: Crispy Jumbo Shrimp, freshly-grilled Carne Asada, fresca lime rice, crunchy shredded cabbage, handmade pico de gallo and creamy ranch sauce, all wrapped in an oversized warm flour tortilla
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