How Technology is Revolutionizing the Oil Management Process

    One company has solutions for restaurants of all types and says, “No mission is impossible.”
    Sponsored Content | January 4, 2022
    Frontline International
    Frontline International

    For quick-service restaurants, getting cooking oil where it needs to go can be messy, dangerous, and challenging. But like so much of the industry, oil management is undergoing a massive makeover thanks to new advances in technology.

    One such tech solution is offered by Frontline International, a company that helps its clients take what was once a people-and-buckets operation and streamline it into a network of self-contained piping, tubes, vats, and tanks. The end result increases employee safety and restaurant profitability all at once.

    “There is no longer any reason for a human to ever come into close contact with hot cooking oil again,” says Zack Palazzo, director of sales for Frontline International. “We accomplish this by leveraging an engineering acumen developed to customize equipment—and the associated plumbing—to fit into a multitude of spaces and scenarios. Unlike other providers, these are no cookie-cutter solutions.”

    For the past two decades, Frontline International has taken pride in the philosophy that “no job is too tough,” and “no mission is impossible.” The company builds oil management solutions for businesses ranging from a convenience store chain with limited space, to a challenging commercial kitchen on multiple levels or floors, or a major quick-service restaurant chain with large and small stores alike.

    Here are a few anecdotes offered by Palazzo that helps give insight into the “no mission is impossible” philosophy of Frontline International: When MAFSI member rep firm Sun Marketing Agents called for help because a major U.S. theme park needed oil to travel 400 feet, uphill, through an underground tunnel, Frontline made it happen by redesigning its pump stations to increase pressure.

    When a casino needed its oil plumbing lines to zig-zag through the ceiling, a competitor installed ineffective tubing that sagged and gathered debris, creating blockages. Frontline came to the rescue with a custom-designed highway of rigid piping that got the job done.

    When a major tech company wanted the cooking oil access lines for its employee food court to be invisible from the outside, Frontline redesigned their placement. When a top 25 U.S.-based hamburger chain needed to integrate grill grease into its waste-oil collections program, Frontline made it happen then implemented the solution across the chain’s global footprint.

    These solutions were created quickly and efficiently and became permanent for the respective customers. Frontline was even able to nearly double the capacity of its EZ Oil fresh bulk dispensing system to accommodate the needs of a single customer. Plus, these updates were executed lightning-fast, in a mere two weeks.

    “We are the experts when it comes to the complexities of installation engineering,” Palazzo says. “We install with zero disruption to your business, even if you’re a 24/7 operator. Whatever the size or shape of your space, whatever your business hours or volume, when we handle an installation, we bring the experience and know-how to get you up and running quickly.”

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