The tankless water heater reducing energy use by 40 percent while saving space.

From the pandemic to labor shortages, to inflationary input prices, and now to a potential recession, it seems that the restaurant industry is under constant attack. While riding the storm out is the only solution for most of these issues, some restauranteurs are finding that operational efficiency is one area they can control and leverage for their advantage.

An often-overlooked cost in the restaurant industry is the inefficiency of standard tank-type water heaters. A mostly unchanged technology over the past half century, these units are not only inefficient from an operational viewpoint, but they also demand valuable floor space and have a relatively short life span. Imagine if you could repurpose half the space taken by your current water heaters, while saving more than 40 percent of the energy costs—all without losing any of the hot water capacity of your current system. These are the benefits experienced by many restaurant systems that specify Intellihot as a preferred vendor.

Intellihot, a leading innovator in the commercial tankless water heater industry, designs and builds equipment specifically for the high demands of restaurants and commercial applications. The company’s water heaters are engineered for quick “drop-in” replacement of existing heaters, and, through an innovative program, Intellihot will guarantee the sizing of its units to meet the demands of restaurants, or it will upsize the water heater at no additional cost. In fact, five different sizing calculators are provided on the company’s website to assist in selecting among its 12 heater sizes.

Typically, restaurants size a tanked unit for their needs, then install a duplicate tanked unit as back-up. Intellihot eliminates this need by engineering redundant heat engines within their heaters, so if a heat engine is taken off-line for maintenance, other engines within the heater will seamlessly make-up the needed capacity with no need for the cost, space, and maintenance of a second system.

Intellihot even offers a smart device (called the telliBot_ai) that easily connects to existing water heaters to determine their remaining life. It records temperatures, water flow, and the number of service cycles for 10 days, providing an accurate prediction of the remaining life of the unit or units. By pinpointing an estimated failure date, pre-emptive replacements can be made during low-demand times.

With cash flow being paramount during these economic times, Intellihot also provides a water heater leasing service. Intellihot guarantees 99.99 percent uptime, while providing 24/7 factory monitoring of the units—all while eliminating the capital expense of a new unit. Installation, maintenance, and any necessary repairs are handled by Intellihot.

Finally, if future-proofing a business with a tankless electric water heater is important to a restaurant now, Intellihot just released the world’s first tankless heat pump water heater for commercial use.

By providing sizing guarantees, built-in redundancy, saved floor space, reduced energy costs, 24/7 monitoring of units, and predictive replacement timing, Intellihot has made waves in the water heater industry with real innovations in available products and services.

To learn more, visit the Intellihot website

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