Modern problems require modern solutions. Here are some technologies that are addressing that.

In the past year and a half, restaurant technology has accelerated in a big way, leading to brand new challenges. Mobile apps, online ordering, and connections to things like third-party delivery platforms are keeping restaurants’ networks up and running at all hours, making a secure and robust connection a pivotal component of running a quick-service restaurant in 2021.

“Network connectivity has always been important, but now it’s an even bigger deal,” says Alex Fayn, CEO of S-NETCommunications. “It has to work and it has to work all of the time. And the biggest challenge for operators is keeping it up and running 24/7 because now business comes through many different channels.”

To help combat these challenges, S-Net Communications offers products like a cloud-based phone system that seamlessly integrates with a restaurant’s POS and CRM systems, fiber network connectivity, failover cellular backup, or a combination of SD-WAN and cellular backup, which ensures that if a restaurant’s network goes down no phone or digital orders are missed.

Here’s a look at three ways S-NET Communications is helping restaurant brands improve operational efficiency—and why 99.6 percent of the company’s clients renew their contracts after three years.


While different modes of technology and communication were implemented during the pandemic, it meant franchise brands were sometimes presenting an inconsistent customer-facing experience when it came to things like online ordering.

“Brands come to us and say, ‘It’s like the Wild West out there with some of our locations,’” Fayn says. “We’ve helped some of the largest franchise brands and regional franchisees build standardized solutions and get the reporting they need to staff stores and train their teams efficiently—Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Hungry Howie’s, and Marco’s Pizza.”

Modern Solutions

Despite the influx in online orders and other digital channels, phone ordering is still very popular and many brands are still using a legacy phone system to conduct business. S-NET Communications’ flagship product is a cloud-based phone system that connects directly to a restaurant brand’s POS system, or CRM. When callers are on hold, the system showcases LTOs and helps upsell to higher ticket items.

“Today’s quick-service businesses rely extensively on their network,” Fayn says. “Introducing ordering and delivery technologies like voice-to-text, autonomous vehicles and drone delivery is impossible without a robust, software-enabled network. Our SD-WAN network management and security services ensure that these technologies function at peak performance and protect the network from online threats.”

Client Relationships

Fayn believes his company’s ability to set operators up with the digital infrastructure they need to be successful is the result of the relationships that they build with clients. It also helps explain why S-NET Communications has such a high retention rate.

“We want to listen to what makes your business successful and how we can help make it easier for you to run that business,” Fayn says. “We listen and get ideas of what solutions you need. We’re not going to force you to buy things that won’t make you better at what you do.” 

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