Staying on top of trends and building eye-catching drinks is only the half of it. 

Beverage menus have long been a great way to increase ticket sizes, but some of that revenue was lost as brands made the switch to online ordering. After a year spent tinkering with ways to optimize beverage sales, some new considerations for building profitable drinks are coming into focus. 

“Consumers expect operators to have a diverse beverage menu that complements food pairings,” says Katie Kozlowski, product manager of On Top, a brand owned by Rich’s Products. “And they are willing to pay a premium for their favorite beverages.” 

Kozlowski says that adding Rich’s On Top Soft Whip Pourable Topping is a great way to meet the moment. The product only requires a shake, open, and pour to create an array of on-trend beverage applications. 

Here are three ways Kozlowski suggests brands can create a dynamic beverage menu, with a focus on how Rich’s new Soft Whip topping fits into each category. 

Think Off-Premises Ready

As operators have made the adjustment to properly showcasing beverages on online ordering apps, many of them have also noticed how important it is to plan a beverage menu that features drinks that travel well. One ingredient that can instantly make a beverage more appealing is Rich’s On Top Soft Whip, which is a “delicious, decadent, and durable” cold foam topping. It’s easily poured out of its carton versus sprayed out of an aerosol can making it better suited for the off-premises journey, says Kozlowski.

“Maintaining product stability, quality, and integrity presents a challenge for operators, as consumers order more food and beverages to go,” Kozlowski says. “A key benefit of Rich’s Soft Whip topping is the fact that it doesn’t deflate, enabling operators to preserve the quality and consistency of their beverages from order to consumption.” 

Make it Instagrammable

Cold foam toppings, Kozlowski says, especially fit in with the latest generation of consumers who enjoy sharing their food and beverages on social media channels. 

“Beverages topped with cold foam are all the rage,” Kozlowski says. “Rich’s On Top Soft Whip is a simple, delicious way to drive sales and traffic with infinite, Instagrammable solutions. It instantly adds visual appeal to any beverage application.

“As Instagram drives interest and demand, consumers are looking for products that allow them to create shareable experiences,” Kozlowski adds. “They are craving ‘Instagrammable moments’ that they can share with their friends and followers. Everyone wants to build their own creation and we’ll likely see this trend continue.” 

Use Versatile Ingredients

Every operator loves a drink that can be easily prepared by front-of-house staff. With a labor crisis throughout the industry, it’s more important than ever before to ensure ingredients are versatile and can be easily added to multiple drink builds, therefore simplifying employee training. 

Again, Kozlowski says that a great product to have around is Rich’s Soft Whip, which can be easily added to a variety of drinks both hot and cold. It also allows customers to customize their beverages, an ongoing trend that has become the expectation.  

“The current labor shortage is a significant challenge impacting the industry at large,” Kozlowski says. “Consumers are craving more complex beverages and customization, which both require increased labor and equipment. Rich’s new On Top Soft Whip  Topping is a one-SKU solution—meaning to use the product, operators just need to shake, open, and pour, which saves them time, money and resources.”  

For more on adding On Top Soft Whip Pourable Topping, visit the Rich Products On Top website

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