The best money you can spend is on food safety. Here are options.

Turns out, food safety is a deal-breaker. Customers take it for granted, but if it goes wrong, food safety can wreck your business. Perhaps forever.

Food safety makes news, and it’s never good. Marketing campaigns seldom overcome mistakes. And the CEO gets his 15 minutes of the fame he never wanted.

The restaurant industry does an amazing job of avoiding such mistakes, but it is hard work. “It’s a business that relies on values, training, supervision, and, of course, cross-checking to make sure you’re monitoring and verifying systems you put into place,” says Jeff Nelken, a food safety coach. “It’s almost like constant surveillance.”

Fortunately, too, many companies out there work hard to make food safety easier. Some provide products, others provide services. It takes it all.

Below are four top choices for food safety innovation that will ensure better results for your business. An investment in food safety always pays dividends.


1. Ecolab

Ecolab’s Global QSR division is dedicated to helping quick-service restaurants maintain a cleaner and safer environment. “Our new Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant is a true multipurpose solution that simplifies restaurant operations and improves food safety at the same time,” says VP of Marketing Jeff Testa. “Reducing the number of products a restaurant needs makes it an easy-to-use solution, and when something is easy to do, it’s more likely to be done consistently.”

Food Safety Certifications

2. Food Safety Certifications

Food Safety Certifications takes a different approach: They bring the training to the restaurant, whether it’s for one person or fifty. There is no charge for re-testing or retaking the class as long as the student follows the learning objectives. Using a customized approach that helps employees learn best, your success and satisfaction are guaranteed. Multilingual, customized learning is the right approach to Food Safety Certifications. Lessons support certification exams for ServSafe, Prometric, and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.


3. CrewSafe

CrewSafe’s NSF Certified Viper® Bag & Pouch Opener is made with FDA-compliant, food-safe materials and is designed to minimize cross-contamination and laceration injuries when used in food preparation. Using different colored Vipers® in each of the various food zones helps reinforce a culture of food safety. “Our mission is to assist our clients’ customers and employees to begin and end each day healthy and safe,” says Earl Votolato, CEO & Chief Innovation Officer.

Kitchen Brains

4. Kitchen Brains

One of the most crucial challenges facing the foodservice industry is finding a solution to the traditional “honor system” for temperature monitoring. FSM is a total solution for recording, collecting, and analyzing the data needed to run a successful kitchen. “FSM is a simple paperless solution for HACCP compliance,” says Mario Ceste, CEO of Kitchen Brains. “With FSM, a proprietary hand-held device is not required because FSM can operate from standard tablets or smartphones.”

Every restaurant operation needs an aggressive food safety program. Public expectations are at the highest level and the consequences of poor choices are dire. Make sure your restaurant is ready.

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