Three-month pilot program showed positive results.

Many quick-service operators struggle with understanding their overall profits and losses across multiple locations. By integrating loss prevention software into a point-of-sale system, multi-site operators can now get the whole story. The data produced by the software can help drive a strong ROI.

In fact, a three-month pilot program conducted by a quick-service group, along with the implementation of Envysion’s EnVR software, generated a profit improvement of over $1,400 per restaurant per month. “The 44-site pilot achieved more than a 10X return on their investment,” says Matt Umscheid, CEO of Envysion, a Motorola Solutions Company.

The pilot revealed four common key attributes that drove success.

1. Strong Leaders Drive Innovation

The 44-site pilot results proved that strong business leaders who used Envysion’s technology and proprietary insights outperformed the control group. It showed that both leadership and great tools are crucial in building a positive culture, and in turn, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

2. Accountability Promotes Cultural Change

Accountability starts from the top. To be successful, every layer of an organization should play a part in the execution of the technology, from regional management to store-level leadership. The quick-service group saw organizational team effort and accountability lead to improved operational performance, driving a positive shift in overall culture.

Labor shortages are not going away, so improving the overall culture of a brand will guide a positive shift in operational measures such as reducing shrink, increasing margins, and increasing profitability.

3. Engagement is the Differentiator

Ease-of-use is a hot topic—leadership, operations, and management teams do not have time for complex systems or the desire for extra work. The goal is for restaurants to run smoothly while keeping up with consumers’ expectations rather than spending days learning how to use new systems.

Before the launch, the quick-service group attended a two-hour training on Envysion’s intuitive technology. Leveraging Envysion’s industry expertise, the group was able to build actionable reports. The team understood how to access the reports and analytics and committed to a 5-to-10 minute review via their mobile device at the start of each day. In addition, daily email alerts highlighted both known and unknown operational issues which kept them engaged and maintained their focus.

4. Consistent Follow-Through Drove Results

Immediate access to highly actionable information is critical for busy operators. Every week during the pilot, the group met for 30 minutes to review any outliers in the data. Using technology in an organized and consistent manner quickly identified the outliers where operational practices were not performing to a level of expected standards. By addressing the issues and operational outliers, there was a noticeable improvement in each location’s internal culture.

The Results

At the end of the three months, the data from the locations using the Envysion software compared to the control group showed a significant difference. The Envysion users saw an improved food cost, an average $1,230 growth in recorded drink transactions, and fewer employee meals which drove a significant increase in overall ROI.

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