These resources make it easy to keep business assets safe.

From cash management to building safety and surveillance, security is a top priority for restaurants. With so much on the line, restaurants cannot afford to fail to secure their buildings, property, or their guests. 

High-tech tools provide owners and operators with the solutions they need to be successful and minimize risk. Digital solutions can help restaurants with cash counting and security, surveillance, investigation software, and more, and many of these products and services offer robust dashboards and controls to help businesses optimize their security practices to minimize losses. 

Finding the right partners to help secure the business, whether at one location or thousands, is vital. Here are some resources that will help restaurants manage all of their biggest assets, from cash and equipment to employees and customers. Additionally, with ongoing support, these resources give owners and operators the peace of mind they need.


1. Tidel

Tidel is a leading provider of cash management systems for the quick-serve restaurant industry. For almost 40 years, we have helped numerous organizations streamline and automate their cash management environment, helping businesses reduce risk and increase profits. Our solutions can easily interface with leading POS and back office applications, enabling a complete, closed-loop cash management process. “Managing cash using traditional methods can lead to increased risk and a misallocation of labor,” says Marty Hendrickson, vice president of sales at Tidel. “Businesses that have adopted our solutions have seen dramatic improvements in the way they account for and manage their cash.”

R.F. Technologies Inc.

2. R.F. Technologies Inc.

“Our experience has allowed us to understand the needs of your restaurants,” says Bob Noorian, founder and CEO of R.F. Technologies Inc. “Remote access, wide selection of HD cameras, no contracts, and free 24/7 technical support are what restaurants need in their surveillance systems.” RFT has created a surveillance system that is customized for the restaurant industry. BDHD helps you minimize loss, improve safety and training, and protect your restaurant’s profit. With remote access, monitoring your team anywhere at any time, is as easy as opening our app on your smartphone, computer, or tablet.


3. DTT

DTT provides a forensic investigation service to store owners who may encounter incidents dealing with theft, transactional fraud, slip and fall and harassment. DTT’s investigators collect all evidence needed to pursue possible restitution and/or prosecution. Owners are provided with a report that summarizes the event, along with time-stamped video images and corresponding descriptions. “DTT’s investigation team ensures that you have all the support you need in the case of a critical incident,” says Thomas Moran, the executive vice president of sales and marketing at DTT. “You can also create a case on MyDTT and save and download videos that are admissible in court.”


4. 360iQ

Struggling to tell fact from fiction when talking with your employees? Drowning in an overload of information about your enterprise? It’s time to cut the “white noise.” Declare war on fake news and arm yourself with the right weapon to combat non-compliance, rogue employees, food loss, and any other controllable factors eating away at your profits. Our state-of-the-art loss prevention solution gives you total visibility into your business. 360iQ turns POS data and video into actionable insights, enabling you to experience restaurant management in a whole new way. Surveillance? Safety and security? Why stop there?

Vector Security Networks

5. Vector Security Networks

Vector Security Networks provides managed broadband networks and physical security to many well-known quick-service restaurants across North America. From NOC services, secure Wi-Fi, and network device management to alarm systems, PCI compliance, and video surveillance—we are your one source solution to provide unsurpassed business intelligence and exceptional customer experiences that support your company’s objectives. “Our physical security solutions and managed networks ensure a fast, accurate, and reliable POS, a reduction in employee theft, and assurance that your staff is running your business professionally and reliably in your absence,” says Michael T. Grady, executive vice president of Vector Security Networks.



AMSEC protects the assets of our clients by providing a broad array of safes and consulting services with the highest degree of quality, integrity, and responsiveness. Retail cash-management is complicated. With so many variables and steps, there’s a lot of room for mistakes and theft. “Customers want to ensure their entire cash deposit makes it to the bank, and CashWizard provides the tools to secure, track and manage the process,” says Donny McKay, vice president of smart safes at AMSEC. CashWizard reads bills while checking for counterfeits. Users are able to run reports showing total deposits. Users can remotely run reports, set exception alerts, and manage configurations.

Whether you need help with cash handling or building safety, these resources can help you keep your restaurant secure.

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