It's time to profit from clean-label eating.

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Sandwiches epitomize simplicity, creativity, and comfort, standing tall as a culinary testament. According to Datassential, the average consumer indulges in 72 sandwiches annually, underscoring the popularity of this classic meal.

At the heart of a great sandwich lies its foundation: the bread. Some would argue the most critical component. Bread has the power to elevate a simple sandwich to a memorable experience, putting a considerable amount of pressure on the 74 percent of restaurants serving sandwiches. 

In addition, according to Datassential, nearly one-third of consumers are in search of healthier sandwich options at restaurants. Operators are tasked with sourcing bread that not only meets the high standards of quality and taste expected by consumers but that also aligns with the growing number of consumers seeking cleaner labels.

Navigating this complex landscape requires a partner who understands the nuances of quality and consumer expectations. Nature’s Own® Perfectly Crafted® products emerge as a beacon for restaurateurs seeking high-quality, cleaner-label bread and buns. “Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted is free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and is Non-GMO verified,” says Krystle Farlow, director of brand management for Nature’s Own.

By offering an array of breads that cater to the discerning tastes of sandwich specialists, Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted brand positions itself as an essential ingredient in the success of restaurants aiming to satisfy the evolving preferences of today’s consumers. “We have a consumer-first approach to innovation,” Farlow says. “Through various research studies as well as market trends, we identify consumers’ wants and needs and develop products that meet those.” 

Customer feedback has been instrumental in shaping the development of new products. “When we innovate on new items, we like to share the product with consumers in a blind tasting to see which version of the product they enjoy,” Farlow says. Through the reviews, the brand gains valuable information about expectations, how the product compares to similar items on the market, and what needs to be adjusted to make the product better. “Once we have the data back, we make developmental tweaks to ensure we’re delivering the best product possible,” Farlow says. 

Additionally, maintaining the freshness and quality of bread is crucial for a restaurant’s sandwich offerings. “The Nature’s Own brand consistently reviews quality through samples sent to the home office, quality cuttings at the bakery, as well as feedback from our sales team,” Farlow says. These strategies are employed to ensure products keep their quality from production to the plate. 

The Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted brand provides more than just bread; it delivers a commitment to unmatched taste and purity. By meeting the ever-changing needs of modern consumers—seeking quality, transparency, and flavor—the brand cements its position as the epitome of sandwich excellence for savvy restauranteurs.

To learn more about Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted products, visit their website today. 

By Abby Winterburn 

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