A brunch and lunch brand that’s relatively new to franchising is producing big numbers.

The Toasted Yolk, the Houston-based brunch and lunch brand with over 20 units, reports that over 90 percent of existing franchise owners want to own more locations. It’s a testament to how successful the brand has been since it started franchising in 2016, says Clay Carson, the franchising director of the brand. 

“For a brand our size, the interest level is almost unheard of,” Carson says. “To have that many initial franchisees to build as many locations as we have in such a short period of time, that’s an outlier.”

Carson believes much of the excitement is due to the idea that franchisees don’t want to miss out on the next big thing. He refers to it as “FOMO” and points to several current or pending franchisees with existing portfolios that include big-name brands such as Golden Corral, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Wingstop. But, like any enticing franchising opportunity, the Toasted Yolk’s appeal comes down to the numbers. For example, one of the brand’s franchisees is on pace to cross the $4 million mark in sales. That franchisee opened a second location at the beginning of November. 

Franchise owners love the unique features of The Toasted Yolk. Part of what drives its impressive growth is the rare work/life balance. The brand excels in the brunch and lunch segments which dictates almost-regular store hours, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., meaning store owners can work a full day and be home in time for dinner. Those hours also help attract qualified employees. In an industry facing employment shortages and high turnover, The Toasted Yolk franchisees largely have those problems addressed. 

As industry veteran Jacqui Brewer, who is a former long-time owner of the multi-unit Wingstop in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, noted, “I recognized the need here in the Dallas area for premium breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurants. The Toasted Yolk checks off all the boxes—the food quality is excellent, we have very low employee turnover, and the portion-to-value ratio is there. Based on their success in Houston, we decided to get in early and be able to take premium trade areas and introduce the brand to Dallas-Fort Worth.” 

Brewer sees the benefit of seizing the chance to join this early expansion. Over 60 percent of the organic franchise inquiries that the Toasted Yolk receives come from people with previous franchise experience. The Toasted Yolk is set to open over 10 locations in 2022 with at least another 16 locations confirmed already for development in 2023. 

Part of this impressive expansion is a veteran of Golden Corral, Elri Parker. He decided The Toasted Yolk was perfect for his hometown of Dothan, AL. 

“A solid breakfast and brunch menu for sure, but it was Toasted Yolk’s lunch menu that really made the decision for me, their restaurants are busy from open to close, and the food, oh man!” Parker says. “The Toasted Yolk is really taking off, and it made perfect sense to lockdown a booming market.” 

For more information on franchising with The Toasted Yolk, visit the company’s website.

By Doug Scibeck

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