What makes Savvy Sliders an exciting franchise opportunity.

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For decades, the same big brands have dominated the quick service industry, yet none are known for great quality. Consumers who are seeking great food need to trade up to fast-casual brands or casual dining concepts, and that comes with paying more. Paying for quality food is something customers are willing to do, but those price points do not fit into the value proposition that consumers want from a QSR brand. This is a flaw in the quick-service industry, but Savvy Sliders saw it as an opportunity for success.

“What we’ve done is bring quality to the QSR category in a slider priced at or below quick-service restaurants’ typical pricing,” says Bryon Stephens, Chief Development Officer at Savvy Sliders. “Consumers can now buy premium, crafted sliders, hand-breaded chicken fingers, and hand-spun custard shakes without paying higher prices. It’s a significant change and disruption in the industry.”

In 2018, Savvy Sliders opened their first two locations in Michigan and instantly saw success. Entering 2024, the franchise is positioned for remarkable growth and development with 60 Locations open and in development as Savvy’s is constantly looking to expand their reach across the U.S.

No longer confined to their Midwestern roots, Savvy Sliders has ventured as far as Miami, Florida, and San Antonio, Texas, with plans to continue its growth into markets like the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and beyond.

Savvy Sliders is now open for franchising, offering aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to be part of an exciting journey. The success of the brand’s stores in previously untapped markets proves customers love their unique concept. The ability to franchise in hot growth markets positions Savvy Sliders as a lucrative investment in the QSR sector.

“It’s a great opportunity today because it’s capitalizing on the love affair that Americans have with the QSRs. It provides a high-quality slider experience which doesn’t exist in the slider category, and it’s doing so at a value price point,” Stephens says.

The brand serves 100 percent never-frozen Angus beef sliders and classic hand-breaded chicken fingers and sandwiches. Their menu offers a variety of 12 unique slider options, including Icelandic thick-cut cod, falafel, crab cake, and more.

The menu diversity offers something for everyone. It’s a fun opportunity to try something new and share it with friends. “Because of the duo packs and the combo packs, we see groups dining in, experiencing, and enjoying the shareability of our food,” Stephens says.

With inviting dining spaces, Savvy Sliders welcomes guests to enjoy their meals in a family-friendly, comfortable environment. It’s much different than the stark and sterile settings in many fast-food establishments today.

As we look to the future of Savvy Sliders, there’s much to anticipate. The brand is revealing two new prototypes. One design caters to high-traffic drive-thru locations, while the other serves areas where inside dining is preferred, such as restaurants near residential neighborhoods.

Savvy Sliders invests in technology to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. “We’re bringing in all the consumer-facing and back-of-the-house operational technology to create the quick-service restaurant experience,” Stephens says. “People want fast food fast, and we can deliver superior fast food at a valuable price.”

With its national franchising initiative and plans for continued expansion, Savvy Sliders is a rising brand, disrupting the fast-food industry with its dedication to quality, variety, and the overall dining experience. Tune in next month to dive deeper into what makes Savvy Sliders a standout in the industry.

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By Olivia Schuster

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