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Many might be surprised by the popularity of drive-thru coffee in the Pacific Northwest. In states like Oregon and Washington, coffee “huts” are found on nearly every corner. However, as you travel further south and east, these convenient coffee stops become much less common. While cafes are abundant, more people across the country are seeking quick, high-quality coffee options. According to a survey by OnePoll, 47 percent of consumers won’t even consider regularly visiting a fast-food restaurant or other retail establishment unless it has a drive-thru.

 “The drive-thru industry for specialty coffee is hot right now,” says Dan Hawkins, co-founder of The Human Bean. “There’s a lot of interest in markets where we haven’t seen it before. The industry is growing and there’s a lot of room for expansion across the U.S.”

An appealing aspect of drive-thru coffee is its ability to convey a strong sense of community and local flavor, which deeply resonates with consumers. The Human Bean, a drive-thru coffee franchise, seeks franchisees passionate about coffee and neighborhood engagement. “Being locally owned helps push the community aspect,” Hawkins says. “Franchise partners ingrained in their communities can execute engagement in ways other brands can’t.”

Growing up in Oregon, Melinda Rowan, a franchisee of The Human Bean in Indianapolis, saw potential success and jumped on the opportunity to introduce drive-thru coffee to the Midwest. “I wanted to bring a good quality coffee and show people a different kind of experience out here,” Rowan says. 

The Human Bean offers a non-royalty structure that allows franchisees to invest more in their business and community initiatives. The franchise provides comprehensive support throughout the process, including site selection, permitting, training, and ongoing operational assistance, fostering a family-like atmosphere that encourages success and growth. “They are very supportive. I can call corporate any time of day if I have a problem or a creative idea,” Rowan says. 

The Human Bean is all about giving back to the community. It amplifies the personal feel consumers love when ordering their daily coffee. The Human Bean hosts four major givebacks each year to support various causes. The largest event is Coffee for a Cure, which donates all food and beverage sales to support the treatment and care of people battling breast cancer, partnering with local charities to ensure the funds stay within the community. “We spend a lot of energy figuring out how to give back to the communities that have given us so much,” Hawkins says. 

With 172 locations and over 170 in development, The Human Bean is bringing drive-thru coffee nationwide. The franchise offers single-store, and area development agreements for those looking to open multiple locations.

As a smaller establishment, startup costs are lower than the average quick-service restaurant. Typically, only four to six employees are on shift during operating hours. This staffing model simplifies payroll and scheduling, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Its dedication to product excellence sets The Human Bean apart from many other drive-thru coffee locations. “We work closely with suppliers and farmers to ensure that our core products are exceptional right from the source,” Hawkins says. “We conduct tasting sessions multiple times a week to maintain the high quality and consistency our guests have come to expect over the past 25 years.”

As The Human Bean expands, the drive-thru coffee franchise remains dedicated to delivering exceptional coffee experiences and fostering strong local connections, making it an appealing opportunity for passionate entrepreneurs. 

Visit The Human Bean website today and bring exceptional drive-thru coffee to your community. 

By Olivia Schuster

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