Boost franchise growth by 44 percent.

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A common problem in the quick service restaurant industry is locations that have sold but are unable to open. This means franchise units have been sold to operators but remain unopened due to various delays, affecting revenue and hampering brand growth. 

The financial impact is significant. Franchisees invest a lot of money upfront, but delays in opening mean they can’t start making money to recover the investment. For the corporate brand, every unopened location is a missed opportunity to strengthen its market presence. 

Several challenges contribute to delays in opening new restaurant locations. Coordinating construction, supplies, and signage can be complex. Without efficient project management, delays are almost inevitable. Additionally, inadequate training of staff can further slow the process as new employees struggle to meet brand standards. These factors collectively impact the timeline and cost of opening new locations. 

FranConnect offers a solution to tackle these challenges and streamline the opening process for restaurant operators. By providing tools that assist new locations to open on time and within budget, FranConnect significantly enhances operational efficiency. As a result, FranConnect customers experience 44 percent faster growth compared to their competitors. 

FranConnect helps frontline employees, managers, and owners understand their roles and tasks. It offers insights from successful franchises. “We can predict delays based on location and other data, and take steps to reduce or prevent them,” says Jaffrey Ali, FranConnect’s chief product officer. 

To be successful and grow a brand, it is important to implement best practices across locations. “The best prospects are your current franchise owners,” Ali says. “Encouraging them to open more units is key. FranConnect supports this by assisting with the opening process, rebranding, training, and providing continuous feedback on best practices. This drives growth by empowering successful operators.” 

Many operators rely on Excel or manual checklists to track progress and data. Manual inputs can be inconsistent and lead to delays and overlooked information. “If managed on a spreadsheet, they might not track it methodically. Delays can lead to substantial losses without proper tracking and visibility,” Ali says. 

FranConnect’s Playbook feature allows successful practices to be easily coached and translated across the organization. “Playbooks are templates or series of activities performed by various teams to achieve desired outcomes based on best practices, Ali says. “They can be for opening units, launching new products, and improving customer satisfaction.” Playbooks guide franchisees through tasks, collect data on completion, and provide feedback to improve future implementations. 

“Your business consultants want to be self-sufficient and don’t want to hunt for answers,” says Grant Walker, CFE and director of operations at Propelled Brands. “When they can easily reference a well-organized playbook to quickly find the information they need, it can drive franchisee success and profitability.” 

Communication is crucial when opening a new location. FranConnect’s features enable clear communication between team members. “We have mechanisms for sharing documents, information, videos, and asking for help quickly, allowing brands to be more successful.” 

Training staff efficiently is another critical component of FranConnect. The platform offers mobile-friendly training modules that employees can access anytime, ensuring they are well-prepared before the restaurant opens. “We can embed training as part of tasks. This makes learning practical and directly applicable,” Ali says.  

By streamlining the opening process, providing comprehensive training, and offering continuous support, FranConnect helps restaurant operators open more locations successfully. For those looking to enhance efficiency and drive growth, FranConnect is an invaluable tool. 

For more information on how FranConnect can transform your restaurant operations, visit FranConnect’s website. 

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