Interactive solution helps ensure accuracy and strengthens online ratings.

With the rise of home delivery and drive-thru popularity, new pressures have arisen in the restaurant industry. Operators face a significant increase in demand while battling an ongoing labor shortage, creating additional costs and friction in the operational process. As a result, the customer experience has become an afterthought.

One of the most significant bottlenecks restaurant operators face is order errors. When customers receive a different order than they paid for, they are more likely to leave an unfavorable review. Negative reviews damage the restaurant’s reputation in more ways than one. Businesses with better ratings are ranked higher on delivery apps and web searches—directly impacting sales.

Recognizing a void in the market for restaurant technology that reduces order errors, Acrelec developed a simple yet efficient solution that addresses the most critical items on the minds of restaurant leadership—customer satisfaction and retention. The solution stems from two years of R&D and live feedback from restaurant operators, who have put it to the test.

Harnessing the power of AI technology and the precision of a scale, Acrelec’s Double-Check dramatically improves order accuracy with automated confirmation of bag contents based on a patented weight prediction algorithm. Here’s how it works in 4 easy steps:

  1. Crew members place an order on the AI-powered scale
  2. Collection order is selected on the screen.
  3. Double-Check’s exclusive patented AI algorithm runs in less than one second. It shows the actual weight of the order versus what is predicted.
  4. If no errors are identified, the order is confirmed, and the bag can be sealed and handed to the customer.

The solution takes the guesswork out of order preparation—an intuitive interface ensures the weight check is not a hindrance for crew members. The result is a 40-percent reduction in bagging mistakes.

For delivery, the system is independent of the restaurant’s POS to facilitate seamless deployment and comes fully connected to Acrelec’s monitoring platform for efficient supervision.

Order checks must be traceable and provide data to the managing team for continuous improvement. Each transaction through Double-Check is recorded, reporting the predicted and actual weight. In case of an error, products are grouped to identify the issue quickly. In turn, restaurant teams are better equipped to provide the operational data and analysis needed to help audit in case of disputes, translating to a 50-percent decrease in order refunds.

Double-Check integrates with food delivery apps for instant feedback on customer complaints, encouraging better rankings in food order apps, which increases positive ratings by 0.2 to 0.3 points (out of 5) and channel sales by 10–15 percent. According to Acrelec’s pilot program, 94 percent agreed that the use of the solution improves customer ratings on the delivery partners app and, therefore, increases business potential.

This new addition to Acrelec’s rich suite of end-to-end software and hardware solutions is ideal for streamlining home delivery and drive-thru operations.

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