Transitioning from manual to digital signage offers major advantages.

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For Wendy’s of Bowling Green, an established name in the restaurant industry spanning five states, the shift to digital reader boards wasn’t merely a response to changing times; it was a vital strategic move. Manual reader boards, with their time-consuming letter arrangements; small, hard-to-read text; and limited design capabilities, no longer sufficed in capturing attention amidst increased quick-service competition.

Bayne Million, marketing officer at Wendy’s of Bowling Green, emphasizes the inherent flexibility and dynamic capabilities of digital reader boards as a pivotal advantage. “The agility they offer is truly remarkable. Unlike traditional boards, which tether us to static messages for prolonged periods, Watchfire’s digital displays allow us to easily rotate messages in real-time—whether they’re national campaigns or region-specific—with attention-grabbing graphics and engaging motion.”

In addition to attracting customers, Wendy’s of Bowling Green is capitalizing on the power of Watchfire digital reader boards to offer versatility and drive impact in recruitment messaging. Wendy’s can tailor hiring messages for specific roles, provide application instructions via QR codes, and showcase employee benefits, all aimed at attracting top talent and fostering business expansion. These messages can even be multi-part, enabling Wendy’s to share more details, while still maintaining readability.

With Watchfire’s Ignite OPx software, making last-minute updates and creating content is streamlined, allowing for quick adjustments and remote management from a single platform. This convenience and efficiency revolutionize operations, from dayparting content to customizing messages based on location.

Million says, “We can easily promote opening hours and breakfast items in the morning, highlight special offers like discounted kids’ meals during peak traffic times, and endorse late-night drive-thru services to support extended hours. The ability to adapt messages on-the-fly individually, by market, or as a group–is a game-changer for us.”

From a cost perspective, the advantages of digital signage are evident. When compared to traditional reader boards with their letter costs, labor-intensive changes, and static nature, digital displays offer a more economical solution over time. Digital reader boards amplify brand visibility and attract passing motorists, further enhancing their value. Million says, “Locations with the Watchfire digital reader boards are consistently top performers.”

With 135 Wendy’s of Bowling Green locations, the adoption of digital reader boards has been steady, with nearly 15 already operational and more planned for future openings. These digital reader boards not only cut through signage clutter on busy roads but also reinforce brand consistency and deliver quality messaging across markets.

The transition from manual reader boards to digital displays represents more than just a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic investment in staying ahead in today’s competitive market. For Wendy’s and other quick-service restaurants, the benefits are clear: increased visibility, enhanced messaging capabilities, and a platform for driving growth and success in the digital age.

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