Communication solutions that work for customers, operators, and employees.

As drive-thrus experience increasing demand, operators face the challenge of balancing efficiency with evolving consumer expectations. According to Quantum Pulse: Drive Thru Survey, approximately 70 percent of fast food sales are drive thru. The growth of ordering channels and the domination of drive-thru sales necessitates advanced technology solutions–particularly AI—in restaurant operations. With AI managing orders, staff can move to roles where personal interaction more significantly enhances customer service and satisfaction.

“Not only are drive-thrus busier than ever, but now crew members have to juggle pull forward, curbside, third-party delivery, and mobile order wait areas,” says Scott Mullica, senior director of product management and innovation at HME Hospitality & Specialty Communications. Customer satisfaction and convenience are at the forefront of the quick-service restaurant industry. Complications can arise when employees have to manage multiple ordering channels while moving customers through the drive thru.

“With AI taking and processing all drive-thru orders, crew members are enabled to support other key areas of the operation like supporting the front counter or processing payments and handing out orders,” Mullica says. “Plus, AI provides outstanding accuracy and never forgets to upsell.”

Voice AI integration is important to consider as technology is constantly evolving. Ease of integration can be indicative of how effective a communication platform will be in the long term. Its ability to be easily installed, maintained, and updated as technology advances is paramount to quick service success.

“Other communication solutions on the market need additional audio boxes or adaptors to integrate with a voice AI provider, but these added components can quickly become points of failure,” Mullica says. “Unlike other systems, NEXEO | HDX is a restaurant communication platform uniquely designed to deliver the best drive-thru audio and seamlessly integrate with an AI provider when you’re ready to implement the technology.”

Customers, employees, and operators’ priorities often align when it comes to fast, accurate, and friendly experiences. AI ordering can increase all of these components and alleviate friction points by increasing order accuracy and always providing friendly and clear communication that leads to operational efficiency.

“Voice AI technology is evolving at a rapid pace,” Mullica says. “You want a communication solution that can evolve with it like NEXEO | HDX. Our platform provides a world-class drive-thru experience with every order whether it’s AI or an employee handling the order taking.”

The technology a quick-service operator uses has a dramatic impact on the speed of service and the value customers receive—especially in the drive thru. “The expectation for a fast drive-thru experience is now coupled with a fast and friendly experience at every customer touchpoint,” Mullica says.

Mastering efficiency without compromising accuracy is a tall order for drive-thru services. With platforms like NEXEO | HDX delivering a powerful AI solution, operators can seamlessly ensure swift and precise service empowering employees to excel during in-person interactions. Finding the drive-thru technology that works best for employees, operators, and customers can help build relationships and loyalty, ultimately redefining the standards of convenience and satisfaction in the industry.

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By Ya’el McLoud

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