A family tradition of franchise success continues.

Thunderdome Restaurant Group has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Established by the Lanni brothers and their partner Alex Blust in 2012, they have collectively founded eight different restaurant concepts. At the forefront of this culinary empire is Currito, the pioneer concept founded in 2005 by the Lanni brothers. Currito currently boasts 24 locations (eight corporately owned units along with 16 franchise locations) and is embarking on an ambitious franchise development journey. They hope to double the size of the brand over the next 3-5 years.  

“We founded the Currito concept with the idea that meals could be quick, delicious and on trend,”  says Joe Lanni, co-founder and owner of Currito and Thunderdome Restaurant Group. “We have plenty of healthy options, but flavor comes first at Currito.” The Currito commitment to flavor and health has resonated with customers, positioning Currito as a unique player in the market. 

The need for healthy, flavorful, quick-service options is only growing in the U.S. with 46 percent of consumers reporting they aim to eat healthier in 2022—the highest ranked lifestyle change, according to a recent Nextbite survey. 

The journey to success for Currito has been marked by strategic growth with a shift toward franchise expansion in recent years. “As we have grown regionally, we have seen an explosion in sales and brand traction,” Lanni says. “The model is working, the reviews are in, and we have fans who are raving about what we do.” The positive reception and lifelong experience the Lanni brothers have has propelled the leadership team to bring a more focused approach to franchising as a means of reaching new heights. 

The familial touch within the Thunderdome Restaurant Group has played a pivotal role in its success story. With lessons learned from their father, who founded The Great Steak and Potato concept with over 250 locations, Lanni emphasizes the importance of strong relationships with franchisees. “The strength of our relationships with and taking care of issues for the franchisees is the most important thing we can focus on day to day.” This philosophy creates a unique and supportive environment, where franchisees can reach out directly to the leadership team.

Critical transformations within the brand began approximately five years ago, spearheaded by a comprehensive menu review and a technological overhaul for both front- and back-of-house operations. “We have streamlined our processes while improving taste, consistency, quality, and profitability,” Lanni says. The dedication to continuous improvement has paid off, contributing to Currito’s resilience in an ever-evolving industry—especially through the recent COVID-19 pandemic. 

The year-long preparation for the acceleration of Currito’s franchise program has culminated in remarkable success. Despite economic challenges faced by the industry, Currito has not only weathered the storm, but is also experiencing an upward trajectory in brand performance. The Currito leadership team attributes this success to strategic hires, a robust infrastructure, and a relentless commitment to the company’s core values.

Currito offers both multi-unit territories and single-unit opportunities in select markets. This flexibility allows the brand to cater to a diverse range of entrepreneurs, fostering growth and success within the Currito family. From the experienced leadership team to consumers being primed for healthier quick-service options, this franchise opportunity is primed for success. 

For more information on franchising with Currito visit their website.

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