Enhanced equipment streamlines kitchen operations.

Now more than ever before, the restaurant industry is in a state of flux. Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic precipitated the rise of off-premises dining and delivery, it’s also exacerbated foodservice labor woes in the form of a massive staffing shortage.

“We do business with large global chains, mid-tier chains, and single mom-and-pop locations, and most of the feedback we receive is about labor concerns,” says Kelly McWilliams, senior global vice president of sales and marketing at the Taylor Company. “Smaller headcounts mean there are fewer people available to run kitchen operations. Meanwhile, many restaurants are transitioning to do more drive thru and takeout business, which makes it even more important to have high speed of service.”

As a result, many are turning to equipment that streamlines back-of-house operations. Vendors like Taylor have fine-tuned their equipment with this in mind. For example, the brand recently introduced a new line of Crown Series grills to help simplify the cooking process.

“Restaurants told us they needed the ability to cook multiple different products at the same time—whether that’s burgers or chicken or veggies. So, we gave the Crown Series independent cooking zones. This allows various items to be cooked at their respective ideal temperature while eliminating the risk of flavor transfer,” McWilliams says.

“Having independent cooking zones also means you can shut down the ones you aren’t using, ” continues Randy Antila, senior director of global key accounts at the Taylor Company. “This helps restaurants save energy—and ultimately money—over a traditional flat top.”

The efficiencies don’t stop there. Crown Series grills feature automated technology that makes cooking nearly foolproof. This includes self-adjusting lower platens for better gapping and a more consistent cook.

There are also simplified touchscreen controls with pre-programmable settings for over 50 menu items. Employees no longer have to make decisions about how long to cook items, which means they require less training.

“This technology helps restaurants increase throughput and ensure food quality,” Antila says. “Eliminating the guesswork about whether a product is cooked to spec improves labor efficiency in every way.”

Crown Series grills come in multiple sizes to suit the needs of foodservice operations from quick-service and full-service restaurants to those in amusement, healthcare, and education settings. Best of all, Taylor’s distributor network allows the company to support restaurants worldwide.

“We have over 120 distributors around the world,” McWilliams says. “These distributors are able to install and service the equipment, as well as train operators and their staff on how to use it. No matter where a restaurant is located, we have someone ready to help.”

To learn more about how automated grill technology can improve your restaurant’s operations, visit the Taylor website.

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