How this premium ingredient can be maximized.

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Incorporating fresh, premium ingredients into menu items can be an easy way to add value and drive traffic, but operators are often wary to stock fresh produce due to challenges with spoiling and food waste. As consumers continue to demand fresh menu offerings, chefs and restaurant leaders must learn how to optimize fresh, new ingredients throughout their lifecycle.

Take avocados, for example. Operators are well aware of the premium this versatile fruit adds to the menu in sliced and diced form but may not realize all the potential avocados hold throughout its various stages of ripeness. Here are some ways restaurants can optimize the fruit at each stage.

Stage 1 (Hard): This fruit is very firm with lighter green skin. There’s plenty of time! Wait a day or two for it to ripen a bit at room temperature, or store with other ethylene producing fruits to speed up the process.

Stage 2 (Preconditioned): This avocado is perfect for recipes that call for a long pickling time and makes Avocados From Mexico’s “box grating” method easy as can be. Surprise patrons with a new avocado texture and flavor by making a batch of Avo Kraut to put a modern twist on a classic Reuben or Bratwurst.

Stage 3 (Breaking): With a slight give, these avocados are perfect for a quick pickle.Use them for house-made condiments like the Quick-Pickled Avocado & Cucumber Relish or Avocado Serrano Mignonette.

Stage 4 (Firm Ripe): This avocado yields to gentle pressure and is perfect for mashed and chunky sauces, avocado toast, and spreads that marry smoothness and structure. Try a Cuban Avocado Spread or Avocado Chimichurri.

Stage 5 (Ripe): Everyone knows how to enjoy avocados in this stage! When avocados yield to light pressure, it’s time for fresh slices, guacamole, or condiments with buttery, creamy-smooth consistency. Try Fresh Strawberry & Avo Jam.

Stage 5+ (Soft): With a soft, ripe flesh, these avocados are ideal for applications calling for velvety smooth purées, like Avo-Harissa Hollandaise or Avocado Mâitre D’ Butter.

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