Back office system dashboards have become an integral part of the operator’s workflow. They are relied upon by smart restaurant teams to produce an interactive “daily playbook” that guides the team to victory every single day.  
Paradise is closer than you think when your restaurants are all operating with the help and guidance of back office dashboards and alerts. Here is a look at five features and immediate benefits of customized dashboards for your restaurants and venues:

1.     Custom Dashboard for Every Location – This master control panel tells your people exactly what they need to do to succeed. It includes a performance scorecard, a dynamic Task List, and alerts to prevent mistakes. Multi-store managers can drill down from consolidated dashboards to store-level metrics, giving them the facts they need to improve store performance.

2.     Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – Make goals crystal clear by putting key KPIs onto each user’s personal dashboard. Then track real time performance from the consolidated brand level down to each restaurant, to quickly detect high achievers and under performers.

3.     Manager Alerts – Set performance targets for all KPI’s, and receive automated alerts when a KPI is outside of a tolerance range. Alerts are delivered right on the dashboard and/or via email and text message to designated mobile devices. Quality back office solutions will also have the ability to send alerts right to a wearable devices like the Android or Apple Watch.

4.     Flash Reports – The key to selling more and spending less; using dashboard reports with drill down capabilities to keep your operators focused on high-impact opportunities, including Actual vs. Theoretical Variances and Menu Mix Sales Items.

5.     Language Versatility – Break down language barriers with a built-in language studio that displays the application in a user-specific language, including English, Spanish, Russian, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

If you want to learn more about how you can find your restaurant’s paradise by the dashboard light, reach out to CrunchTime and request an online demonstration.

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