How digital reader boards have revolutionized the brand’s customer engagement.

Bojangles has been a fast-food mainstay in the Southeast for almost half a century, renowned for its delicious chicken and breakfast offerings. Over the past decade, the Bojangles team has made use of digital reader boards to help propel the brand into an era of unparalleled growth. 

The impact of digital reader boards on Bojangles’ success cannot be overstated from a marketing perspective. These boards provide a dynamic platform for Bojangles to showcase its delectable offerings through stunning, high-resolution imagery, effectively highlighting new promotions and limited-time offers in a visually captivating manner. In a world where visuals speak volumes, these digital displays have emerged as a potent tool for attracting hungry customers and driving sales.

“Watchfire digital reader boards have revolutionized the way we engage with our customers,” says Toni Tolbert, marketing manager for Bojangles. “Locations equipped with these boards consistently experience a notable uptick in foot traffic, underscoring their indispensability in our marketing strategy. Wherever zoning permits, integrating these boards has become a unit standard for Bojangles.”

As Bojangles embarks on plans to open 50 new restaurants this year, digital reader boards serve as a pivotal conduit for conveying the brand story and showcasing its menu to fresh audiences. Whether announcing store openings, sharing recruitment messages, or capitalizing on cultural or community events, these digital reader boards offer instantaneous, real-time messaging capabilities that manual reader boards and traditional printed materials simply cannot replicate.

The partnership between Bojangles and Watchfire spans over a decade for some franchisees, with corporate locations embracing the technology approximately five years ago. Since then, the use of cutting-edge digital reader boards in new and remodeled locations has become a hallmark of Bojangles’ commitment to innovation and customer engagement. 

Beyond providing cutting-edge technology, Watchfire’s proprietary software, Ignite OPx, empowers Bojangles’ field marketing team and franchisees with real-time access to brand-approved content, ensuring consistency across locations and maximizing the digital reader boards’ effectiveness. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from franchisees regarding the flexibility and user-friendliness of Watchfire’s software speaks volumes about the value of this partnership.

In addition to driving increased foot traffic and ensuring brand consistency, Bojangles attributes a significant portion of its rapid return on investment to the quality and durability of the digital reader boards. 

“Not only do Watchfire digital reader boards set the industry standard, but the Watchfire team exemplifies excellence in customer service,” Tolbert says. “Watchfire possesses an innate understanding of our brand, and its collaborative approach ensures that our messaging resonates with our audiences. Watchfire is truly an integral part of the Bojangles family, and we eagerly anticipate the future strides we will make together.” 

Bojangles’ strategic and creative use of digital reader boards is a powerful fusion of cutting-edge technology and marketing prowess, propelling the brand to new heights of success in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

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