This unforgettable, retro-dining experience is on the franchising fast track.
Harlem Shake
Harlem year-over-year sales growth:
13 percent*
Harlem Location Revenue:
Over $3.2 million*
Franchise Fee:

Harlem Shake, the New York City based fast-casual restaurant concept best known for high-quality burgers and shakes, is ramping up its franchise program and breaking the mold with an unforgettable retro-dining experience entrenched with iconic cultural influences.

From baby boomers to Gen Z, Harlem Shake restaurants feature a welcoming space that serves up a true Harlem-inspired cultural experience that appeals to people of all backgrounds. Amid a backdrop of hundreds of autographed celebrity headshots and vintage diner details, burger and shake lovers make lifelong memories with friends and family. Honored to be ingrained in the Harlem community, Harlem Shake prides itself on employing neighborhood faces and supporting a variety of local non-profits, a value which they will extend to new franchise territories. 

Since 2013, the success of the two corporate-owned restaurants in Harlem and Park Slope, Brooklyn, has shown that the future of Harlem Shake lies in expansion, without compromising the brand’s award-winning fare and retro, quirky vibe. As the brand develops a franchise sales team, it’s launching a program to meet the needs of future stakeholders and build upon community engagement. 

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“Harlem Shake continuously strives to maintain its standing as a community meeting place for Harlem and beyond,” says founder Jelena Pasic. “Whether creating an experience for customers to gather over Harlem Classic Burgers, Jerk Fries, and shakes or take part in our philanthropic initiatives like the annual Miss or Mr. Harlem Shake competition, Harlem Shake always collaborates with our communities to make them stronger whether we’re in New York or working with a franchise partner.”

As a female-led and majority owned franchisor with a diverse ownership structure, year over year, Harlem Shake has been voted best in class by customers and media alike, setting it apart and proving it’s one of the most exciting fast-causal concepts in the country. With technology-driven restaurant management systems, the brand is fully developed to accommodate high customer volume and support quick, efficient service. 

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Catering to both simple and sophisticated tastes and featuring award-winning, unique twists on fast-casual, classic fare with loaded portions and tantalizing sauces, Harlem Shake has taken the classics and turned them into icons. The critically acclaimed burgers and shakes have earned Harlem Shake some serious local cred along with international brand recognition status and a strong, loyal following. As a result, Harlem Shake has been honorably dubbed a “NYC must,” but this memorable dining concept would perform well in any community. 

With available territories in eight North Eastern states and an additional seven South Eastern states coming soon, Harlem Shake offers franchisees the chance to build their own legacy within their community with burgers, shakes, and good times, the Harlem Way. 

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