Elevate beverages, desserts, and more with plant-based oat milk toppings.

Once a dairy alternative for lactose-intolerant, vegan, or non-dairy eaters, plant-based milk has made friends with even dairy devotees. Oat milk, specifically, has risen in popularity for its sustainable, better-for-you appeal and creamy, dairy-free deliciousness. According to The Business Research Company, the global oat milk market grew from $2.76 billion in 2022 to $3.05 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $4.21 billion by 2027.

“Oat milk is one of the fastest-growing dairy alternatives on the market, and there is no indication for it to slow down,” says Janice Larson, manager of customer marketing for national chains at Rich Products.

Offering a variety of nutritionally valuable benefits and free from the “Big 9” allergens, oat milk is alluring to both diet-restrictive and health-conscious consumers. Oat milk is also a more environmentally friendly option than dairy milk, meeting the needs and values of eco-conscious consumers actively seeking sustainable alternatives.

“I think consumers, especially younger generations, are seeking dairy alternatives even if they don’t have a dietary restriction or requirement. They’re also more likely to purchase that item just because of the ‘health halo’ it promises or because it’s trendy,” says Katie Kozlowski, senior product manager for topping at Rich Products.

Rich’s innovative oat milk topping products—On Top Oat Milk Whipped Topping and On Top Oat Milk Soft Whip—deliver on both the plant-based promise with whole grain oats as the hero ingredient, as well as the trendy, TikTok-worthy appeal. And they do it all without sacrificing taste, texture, or performance.

“Consumers are looking for inspiration,” says Kozlowski. “They are scrolling Instagram and TikTok to find new items to try, so it is important to have offerings that look appealing in video format. What sets our products apart from the competition is stability. From start to finish, that dollop or layer of foam will hold beautifully, does not dissipate quickly on hot or cold beverages, and is great for consumption on the go.”

Rich’s oat milk topping products offer superior stability, safety, sustainability, and productivity as you mix, fill, layer, and top your uniquely customizable creations. On Top Oat Milk Whipped Topping comes in ready-to-use bags in a pre-whipped format for ease in topping off desserts, beverages, and more. On Top Oat Milk Soft Whip comes in a pourable, ready-to-use carton to add sweet, creamy cold foam to any beverage, hot or cold.   

“There’s no labor or additional ingredients that need to be added,” says Kozlowski. “It’s just a simple solution. You just open the bag or carton, and you’re ready to finish off your creation.” 

Rich’s oat milk toppings also deliver on consumer snacking trends. The popularity of snacking has challenged the traditional mealtime structure. People are no longer following designated breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. Instead, they are opting for on-the-go eating. As a result, individuals are turning to beverages throughout their day. “Snacking is becoming ubiquitous,” says Kozlowski. “People are looking to beverages as meal supplements or replacements. Whether health-conscious, plant-based, or even indulgent, snacking has become a crucial part of people’s daily routines.”

The creamy texture and neutral flavor of On Top Oat Milk Whipped Topping and Oat Milk Soft Whip make them versatile components for a variety of applications. Operators can use Rich’s oat milk topping products on everything from cold brews, cocktails, energy drinks, and refreshers to smoothies, shakes, plant-based foods, pastries, or any of their own signature creations. Their appeal is not limited to the health-conscious crowd—Rich’s On Top Oat Milk Whipped Topping and Oat Milk Soft Whip resonate with individuals across generations who are open to trying new and exciting food and beverage options. 

 For more information on Oat Milk On Top and Oat Milk Soft Whip, visit www.richsusa.com/ontop.

 By Olivia Schuster

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