Taco Bell is adding fast EV chargers that generate profit.

If restaurants could attract new customers, offer them a money-saving convenience, cut up to 20 percent of your energy costs, and help the environment, they might have to invest thousands of dollars, right? Wrong.

Restaurants don’t have to spend money to install new, ultra-fast DC electric vehicle (ev) chargers and renewable energy in your quick-serve restaurant parking lot. It’s all part of the electric vehicle transformation underway in the U.S. right now.

California-based ChargeNet Stations is building the most comprehensive EV charging network in the U.S., leveraging its partners’ brands and the program is funded by investors who recognize the value in the vision and the future of transportation.

The first quick-service brands to launch are Taco Bell® restaurants owned and operated by Diversified Restaurant Group, which has more than 300 Taco Bell and Arby’s restaurants. The first opens in South San Francisco this summer. As gas prices surge past $6 a gallon, having affordable, accessible, and reliable fast charging for the growing population of EVs is critical.

With ChargeNet Stations technology, EV drivers can get a more than 212 mile charge in 10 minutes or less for about $20, all while enjoying a fresh, hot meal.

How powerful is that 10-minute charge? It would take hours to get the same number of miles at other providers offering only Level 2 charging.

The stations also generate solar energy that can be stored in batteries for future use, which benefits franchisee operators who can then use the power to off-set their energy costs.

The ChargeNet Stations business model requires no investment and allows franchisees to make money from the chargers versus other EV charging companies that take all the revenue generated.

“ChargeNet Stations’ business model incorporates everything you need to get the project done. They handle the development, engineering, construction, and software,” says SG Ellison, president of Diversified Restaurant Group. “We’re excited to start seeing the benefits we expect in energy savings and credits, brand image, and industry innovation.”

Restaurants reduce their carbon footprint, reduce energy costs, and attract customers, essentially transforming their parking lots into profit centers.

“With the increase in mobile and pickup orders, our larger parking lots are underused. ChargeNet Stations offers an opportunity to put that space to use at no risk to us,” Ellison says. “And as a bonus, we’re helping the environment.”

While Taco Bell is first, other brands are lining up to join.

“We know the EV transformation is at the beginning,” says ChargeNet Stations CEO and co-founder Tosh Dutt. “It’s not a matter of ‘if,’ the question is ‘when’ will more business owners make the shift toward electric vehicles.”

To find out more, visit ChargeNetStations.com.

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