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Pass the cheese, please. The delicious versatile ingredient is a mainstream staple for cheeseboards, sandwiches, burgers and indulgent mac and cheese dishes.

Castello boasts a breadth of specialty cheese options, an ideal ingredient for any menu item. From melty Havarti, bold Blue Cheese, to Smoked Gouda, Castello delivers an unforgettable taste sensation that will elevate any menu.

Havarti is favored around the world by professional chefs because of its buttery, creamy taste. As a semi-soft cheese, it melts, shreds and slices well. Available Havarti flavors are Creamy, Dill, Herbs & Spices, Jalapeno and Aged Havarti.

Castello Blue Cheeses have a sharp, piquant blue-veined flavor and crumbly texture. Castello blue varieties include Traditional Blue Cheese, Extra Creamy Blue Cheese and Blue Crumbles. In 2018, Castello won the Silver Medal at the World Championship Cheese Contest for Blue Veined Cheeses. Castello Blue Cheese is available in crumbles, wheels and loaves.

Tickler Extra Mature Cheddar is aged for 18 months with delicious characteristics from sweetness to tanginess, crunchy to creamy. It’s a standout cheeseboard ingredient and creates masterpieces from gourmet burgers to an indulgent mac and cheese.

Castello Gouda is a great-tasting, mild and creamy cheese with a rich and buttery, slightly sweet flavor and smooth texture. With multiple varieties, each with no artificial flavors or preservatives, Castello Gouda is perfect for cheeseboards and any recipe.

Castello Danish Fontina is a semi-soft, smooth textured cow’s milk cheese. Sliceable and suitable for shredding, Danish Fontina has a mellow, sweet, aromatic and distinguished buttery flavor. A great substitute for mozzarella and excellent for melting in fondues and sauces. 

Since 1893, Castello has brought a balance of innovation and tradition to the art of cheese making. Arla is now available in the U.S. in a variety of flavors and formats. For more information, visit ArlaUSAFoodservice.com.

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