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Streamlining the hiring process with technology is becoming essential in today’s world if you want to attract, hire, and retain quality workers. The traditional process is simply outdated and inefficient, leading to applicant drop-off, interview no-shows, and a burdensome experience for both applicants and managers. 

Furthermore, unconscious bias and time constraints often make it difficult for managers to determine their job fit and likelihood of success. With rising labor costs and a staggering 144 percent average annual turnover in the restaurant industry, bad hiring decisions can be extremely costly. It’s more important than ever to leverage digital tools that help you make better hiring decisions—faster. 

Ryan Ignasiak, a Dairy Queen owner in Michigan and vice president of the Michigan Chapter of the DQ Owners Association, is one of many who found traditional hiring methods ineffective.“Our hiring process lacked structure,” says Ignasiak. “People would drop off applications in various ways—sometimes I’d get an email, sometimes a phone call, and other times someone would drop off paperwork. It was chaotic.” 

Additionally, Ignasiak found it difficult to promote positions and clearly define the responsibilities for each role. “We didn’t have any digital communication or online platforms—no QR codes or dedicated email links,” Ignasiak says. “The lack of convenience made the process even harder.”

In search of a solution to his problems, Ignasiak heard from a fellow Dairy Queen operator in Wisconsin about his success with Sprockets. “He mentioned the convenience and organization of having everything in one place, which was a big selling point for me,” Ignasiak says. “The digital platform allowed us to have all the applicants organized online, making it easy to track who I needed to respond to, interview, or hire.” 

Sprockets is a hiring platform that uses advanced applicant-matching technology to determine the ideal candidates for certain positions. Based on an applicant’s answers, Sprockets will give them a rating from one to ten—their data shows a direct correlation between high-scoring applicants and increased retention rates.

Individuals searching for work benefit from restaurants using Sprockets because of custom QR codes. When someone scans the code, they get a text message to start the application process by answering basic questions. “We now have QR codes on our drive-thru and walk-up windows, and we’ve added them to coupons and advertisements distributed in the community so people can easily apply for open positions,” Ignasiak says. “We’re now hiring applicants that fit our model in terms of work ethic, positivity, and motivation.” 

Overall, Sprockets helped Ignasiak achieve an 86 percent retention rate at his Dairy Queen location. It has also saved Ignasiak valuable time previously wasted on unsuccessful applicants. “Having everything in one place and being alerted to good candidates quickly makes the process so simple,” Ignasiak says. 

To learn more about Sprockets and its hiring process, visit sprockets.ai

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