A passion for innovation and franchisee support promises success for new partners.

Known for its mouthwatering cobblers, banana puddings, brownies, waffles, and churros, the Peach Cobbler Factory (PCF) is revolutionizing the dessert franchise industry with its unique offerings, efficient operations, and aggressive growth strategy. With 90 operating units across 20 states, PCF is targeting new regions to expand its franchise footprint.

Greg George, CEO and co-owner of Peach Cobbler Factory is eyeing dessert dominance with a strategic expansion setting PCF apart from the competition. “We put a map on our website with the states and regions we want to target, from Texas to Wisconsin to New Jersey to South Florida,” George says. 

With 35 million visitors to its website last month, Peach Cobbler Factory is leveraging its online buzz to convert visitors into franchisees by engaging with users daily, targeting owner-operators already in the restaurant business. The franchise aims to further expand its well-established presence in the South with a robust marketing strategy and leveraging a strong referral program.

“We have a referral fee for our franchisees who refer new partners,” George says. “Word of mouth is powerful, and though franchise sales have been organically growing, we still ensure our marketing strategies are aggressive and effective.”

PCF offers a streamlined franchise model that reduces food and labor costs, keeping operators at ease with a simple two-person operation, limited required cooking, and recipes and distribution that is tightly controlled. Franchisees typically open within 4–6 months from the time franchise agreements are signed. 

“We negotiate leases so that people don’t have to pay rent until revenue starts coming in and lower the barrier to entry with reduced start-up costs lifts the pressure on our franchisees,” George says. “Franchise fees are $34,900, royalties are 6 percent, and advertising fees are 2 percent nationally, which we reinvest back into our locations.”

Offering extensive training, from online modules to in-store programs, franchisee support is a cornerstone of PCF’s continued success. with a vault of ads, videos, and reels ready to build brand awareness across social media, marketing assets help ensure the success of its stores. 

“We’ve invested a massive amount of money to create the content for social media… we have more content than McDonald’s,” George says. “We’re a technology company, we’re a logistics company that sells desserts.”

PCF is also consistently finding new ways to remain competitive while leveraging the awareness of its core audience. “We’ve got eight revenue streams… catering’s big, delivery, events, mobile, and we’ve extended our hours to late-night delivery,” George says. “Approximately 50 percent of our business is delivery. So, while other places are closed, we’re still doing business.”

With a commitment to simplicity, innovation, and franchisee support, PCF is poised for sure success as it continues expansion across the South and East with its passion for growth and redefining the dessert franchise industry. 

“We are the second fastest-growing restaurant chain in America right now and the fastest-growing dessert chain in America, and in five years or less we will be the largest dessert chain in America,” George says. “We plan to introduce cobbler milkshakes and savory options which will be game-changers in the dessert industry, ensuring no other company in America will offer what we do.” 

To learn more about franchising opportunities with The Peach Cobbler Factory, visit their website. 

By Drew Filipski

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